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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Patriot is gone...RIP Norm Liebmann

We, on the web, knew him as "Firehat". The world knew him as Norman Liebmann, outstanding award winning comic writer. He was our friend, always there with encouragement to fight the good fight for the country he loved so much.

Following is the message from his family, who we know must miss his wit and love even more than we do. There is an empty space no one else can fill with his passing.

THE PASSING OF NORMAN –Date : 2010-12-20


by the Family of Norman Liebmann

It is with great sorrow that the family of Norman Liebmann (FIREHAT) now informs all his faithful readers of Norman’s recent passing, December 20, 2010.

Although a brilliant and popular writer with over 50 years experience in the entertainment industry both in New York and California, Norman Liebmann was a very private person- with his comedic and also serious side showing through in all his writings.

For any of those, and others past and future, who might also desire the pleasurable experience of reading Norman’s humorous, prolific, insightful and prophetic email writings, it is the family’s intention to keep Norman’s site and articles (all 595 of them) available, as they are timeless reading.

*** In an interview not too long ago, Norman was asked: “What about the future? Where are you going?” Norman replied: “There are many wonderful places still left for me to go. How “wonderful” they will be may depend on whether or not I have been invited.”

We feel – and many of his readers have expressed the same opinion – it can only be UP!


Norman Liebmann was a writer for many celebrities, most notably Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Bob Newhart, and Johnny Carson. The name Firehat came from a friend, a graphics artist, who quipped that Norman was on fire with his quick wit and never ending stream of quips, jabs and jokes. He created the image with the bowler top-hat and eternal flame that became Norman’s moniker... Firehat!

Please enjoy his last entry:
Date : 2010-05-12



by Norman Liebmann

The Mexican high school kids in Arizona have become so hostile to white people they can’t decide whether to stop mowing the newspapers or just quit delivering the lawns.

In case you don’t know who the Mexicans are that want to take over our country – they dance on their hats, wear brocade knickers, and stab farm animals in the neck with swords.

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a barbarian is a barbarian is a barbarian.

The oil coming up from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is not nearly as black as anything that so has far oozed up out of Obama’s heart.

Obama announced he is appointing another judge from the middle of the road – and we all know what he invariably finds in the middle of the road.

The popularity of unmanned aircraft In Afghanistan has inspired a new military enterprise called Hertz-Rent-a-Drone.

Apparently the Obama Administration is waiting for the Gulf of Mexico to go into the rinse cycle.

Has the Coast Guard ruled that anything the size of Rosie O’Donnell must have running lights?

Mara Liason seems to believe the Obama Administration has decided Eric Holder has found the happy balance between between insanity and fascism. If anyone can find it, she can.

It’s one thing to be a hypocrite but another, who like Joe Biden, talks out of

both sides of his ass.

Things could be worse. King Kong could have been Mexican.

Nobody in Washington knows what to do and even worse they have nobody to ask

but each other.

Scripture tells us that Methuselah lived to be over 900 years old, but he probably felt like shit in the morning.

Was it Abraham Lincoln who said, "God must have loved the poor people because he made so many of them" - when logic suggests that God was not too crazy about poor people because He made them so poor?

Calamities in the financial markets are caused by two kinds of people. Those who can’t do anything about it and those who don’t want to do anything about it.

Is Al Franken a suppository that will finally have found its proper insertion in the Senate?

Another climate change alert - A recent epidemic of diarrhea in Uganda has convinced the natives there that they are melting.

The controversy over where Barack Obama was born continues. The evidence supports he wasn’t born but simply accumulated. Likely Obama’s membership card in the Taliban will turn up before his birth certificate.

Increasingly the debates in the Senate are a tempest in a toilet.

Folks in Georgia say Jimmy Carter began exerting his authority by walking around his family’s plantation and hearing the peanuts call him “Massa”.

Academics are invariably confounded by a kind of logic called common sense.

Eric Holder believes in dealing with terrorists that nothing should be done for the first time, and if it should, it shouldn’t be now.

A new Book in contemplation about Obama is called “The Day the Apochalpyse Hit the Fan”. Like somebody cares.

Is it possible Tiger Woods has adjusted his swing by standing too close to his penis?

Are Southern Universities considering a program of Affirmative plantations?

It’s only a matter of time untll Obama promises Mubarak to put aluminum siding on the pyramids.

Since he hasn’t killed anybody, the Sudanese pirates have hung the name on him, Barack Obama, the Jolly Somali.

There is only one name for people enamored of big government. They are called “bigger-lovers”. - and that’s close enough.

In honor of Faisal Shahzad, the bomber, will Eric Holder rename Times Square to Mosqueland?

The Ivy League has become the Jurassic Park of casual, corrupt, and worst of all convenient information.

Harry Reed is about as humorous as a paraplegic at the deep end of the pool.

As near as I can tell, Michelle Obama is all moose in front and all caboose in back.

Nothing has changed. The Clintons are still the Al and Peg Bundy of Bangladesh.

In his attempt to win over the Mexicans, Obama will probably be the first President to travel down Pennsylvania Boulevard in a burrocade.

Apparently Eric Holder changed his mind about holding the terrorist bombers’ trial at the site of the World Trade Center - if he can find parking space.

The survival of Civilization now depends on the departure of the key players and the arrival of a few gifted amateurs.

After D-Day, the invading allies left Omaha Beach looking tidier than Woodstock.

Clinton does not take Viagra. He just runs to the Sears Automotive Center and has his testicles rotated.

Obama smiles a lot. For no reason do they call him the Jolly Somali.

All the tourists have gone down to the Gulf of Mexico on the off chance that a boat load of tequila may wash ashore.

The rich get richer. Some wildcatters struck oil in Oprah Winfrey’s Green Room.

The problems Hollywood stars are having adopting African children is being called the Crayola Syndrome. They don’t know whether to call it strange encounters of a black kind or black encounters of a strange kind.

In consideration of their demographic disposition in the United States, we can only consider that Africa is understaffed.

Is Barbara Walters trying to grow young gracefully?

Dianne Feinstein is beginning to look like John Murtha with boobs.

Wasn’t it Neville Chamberlain who returned from his meeting with Hitler and promised all the gays in England "Brunch in our time"?

Has anyone yet called Barack Obama a stupid muthafukkar? If not, please allow me to volunteer that information.

In as much as we are inclined to refer to conservaties as “teabaggers”, would it not be equally appropriate to refer to the Obama folks as “scumbaggers”?

Faisal Shahzad the bomber is being romanced by the mainstream media. I suppose it is his irresistible smirk.

Obama visited Hamid Karzai in the Green Zone to tell him how to run Afghanistan. Karzai told Obama to shove it up his brown zone.

Which is the worst, the Mexican cocaine traffic or the Mexican copulation explosion?

Hillary Clinton is as humorous as a burning orphanage,

It is believed during his term as Vice President, Joe Biden will be able to discern that fine line between backward and awkward.

Al Gore is laboratory proof that absurdity can keep reproducing itself.

Wall-to-wall-minorities – Obama is asking himself “Is that all there is?”.

Cocaine is the first thing the Mexicans seem able to make a buck out of. Are we going to deprive them of their only way of making a living?

And this …

As the song goes, the economy under Hussein goes mainly down the drain.


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When you import the 3rd world - you become the 3rd world.

Texas will be no different from Mexico 20 years from now.

The GOP are blithering idiots, they should have never signed on to the 1965 immigration Act which has destroyed the America our parents grew up in. And they are idiots because they refuse to close the border because after all, hiring someone to mow your lawn trumps cultural and national security. Sat Feb 26 08:31:38 2011 by MrInvisible

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