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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You are doing it again! Letting the media pick GOP candidates!

Numbers USA released their list of GOP presidential hopefuls and the grade for their immigration records.

NOT encouraging! IF ONLY the republicans would open the field up to others who might actually take a stand to protect the sovereignty of this nation.

From Numbers USA:

Here are the grades for this week of Jan. 17 (listed in point order, from best to worst):

C Tim Pawlenty (GOP--former governor of Minnesota)

C-minus John Thune (GOP--Senator from South Dakota)

C-minus Ron Paul (GOP--Representative from Texas)

D Mike Huckabee (GOP--former governor of Arkansas)

D Mitt Romney (GOP--former governor of Massachusetts)

D-minus Sarah Palin (GOP--former governor of Alaska)

D-minus Newt Gingrich (GOP--former Speaker of U.S. House)

F-minus Barack Obama (DEM--President of the United States)

Please don't accept our grades at face value. Be sure to go to the Grid to see the ratings on 12 immigration issues that led to each of those grades.

Then, click on the photo of a Hopeful to see detailed information on why each rating was given.

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