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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dozens of Americans being murdered in Mexico - WHAT WILL IT TAKE??

We can only estimate the thousands of deaths of US citizens by illegal aliens on our own soil. The media fails to report them, the government ignores them. The murder of
David Hartley, on Falcon Lake in Texas and the subsequent beheading by those same cartels of the lead investigator in retaliation have thrown some attention on the threat to us all by the failed state of Mexico.

The Arizona Daily Star gives us some facts.

Forty-eight Americans were murdered in Mexico during the first six months of 2010
The tally doesn't include two Texans reported killed Sept. 30 in separate incidents in isolated areas of Tamaulipas,

A college freshman from Brownsville, Jonathon William Torres Cazares, was shot and killed after authorities say his public bus got hijacked on a highway in Tamaulipas.

State Department data shows at least three other Americans were slain this year in Tamaulipas. But no details were available. In much of Tamaulipas, the news media are no longer reporting on crime because of threats and violence against journalists carried out by drug traffickers.

Last year, 80 homicides of U.S. citizens were reported in Mexico, compared to 57 in 2008 and 35 in 2007.

At least 13 Americans have been slain in Ciudad Juarez in 2010, including an employee of the U.S. Consulate, Lesley Enriquez, 35, and her husband, Arthur Redelfs, 34.

State Department homicide statistics tell only part of the story: Many killings abroad never get reported.

Three U.S. citizens , all from New Mexico - were reported by Mexican authorities to have been abducted during a May wedding at a Catholic Church in Juarez. Their bodies were later found dumped in a pickup truck, but those three homicides do not appear to be included in the registry.

The State Department refuses to reveal the names of the victims, though consular officials are required to monitor investigations abroad that involve U.S. citizen victims and communicate with families. A State Department warning said four U.S. citizens had been murdered in Gomez Palacio in 2009-2010.

Many more killings of Americans have been reported in Chihuahua state, which includes Ciudad Juarez and borders El Paso. Sixteen U.S. citizens have beenLink reported slain there so far in 2010 - 13 died in Juarez .

But here is where the double standard of Mexico, and too many of our elected officials really gets ironic. While Mexico and Obamanation turn a blind eye to the dangers and deaths of US Citizens by Mexicans, Mexico is in New York demanding (and getting it!) protection for their border jumping citizens here against harassment! None of them died! Mexico refuses to let us investigate the murder of David Hartley in Mexico and chops the heads off any Mexican investigator who tries! This has gone on so long, that now Mexicans are beheading people in our cities.

[snip]Police are investigating another assault on a Hispanic man in Staten Island as a possible hate crime — and the Mexican government is now getting involved as well.

“We will act decisively in order to protect our citizens and will actively promote that those guilty of these vicious attacks are brought to justice expeditiously. We are working hand-in-hand with local authorities on all levels,” said Consul General of Mexico in New York, Ruben Beltran in an email to the Staten Island Advance.

Beltran has asked the NYPD to “conduct a thorough investigation” of the alleged hate-crime cases. Beltran has offered “extensive cooperation and all the necessary support to ensure that justice is served.”

This latest incident has promoted the Mexican Consulate to post personnel in Staten Island until further notice. This move is an effort to safeguard the rights of individuals and effectively assist and provide information to the Mexican residents of this area.

Mexican officials have also created an information line that for immigrants to contact if they are afraid to contact authorities directly.

Immigration Enforcement ‘Surge’ Nets Thousands of Gang Members (image)More than 11,000 gang members and their associates have been arrested over a three-year period.

And what is the cost to us for Mexico exporting its own criminals to our cities?

CNS news reports: U.S. taxpayers are spending at least $18.6 million per day to house an estimated 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants who are incarcerated and eligible for deportation from the United States, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The cost per day for these prisoners is based on Justice Dept. incarceration cost estimates from 2001 and on the lower-end figure of 300,000 incarcerated deportable aliens, which means the actual expense today could be substantially higher than $18.6 million per day.

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Mike Cutler, former INS agent and TV commentator has a message.

I am forced to once again ask, "What will it take?"

What will it take for our government to finally secure our nation's borders, especially the border that is supposed to separate the United States from Mexico?
I was angered, as I suspect many others were, when at first the news reports appeared shortly after the story broke that an American citizens had been killed on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake that indicated that Mexico was not willing to participate in the investigation, even calling into question the truthfulness of Tiffany Hartley, David Hartley's distraught wife.
Mexican officials also also refused to permit American law enforcement officials to enter the Mexican side of the lake in order to search for Michael Hartley's body.

However, when 6 citizens of Mexico were allegedly assaulted in New York City- Mexican officials took to the streets of Staten Island, New York to patrol New York City streets to protect their citizens and were not blocked from doing so by the local government.


Beheadings become signature of Mexico's drug gangs

CUERNAVACA, Mexico - The preferred form of cruelty by drug cartel henchmen is to capture enemies and behead them, a once-shocking act that has now become numbingly routine.
Decapitations emerged alongside another gruesome tactic - dumping the bodies of rivals in vats of acid. Cartel goons have moved away from that method, however.

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Anonymous Tim Marvin said...

Obama is guilty of treason for allowing the narco-terrorists and coyotes over 5 miles of Arizona border to do as they please. He doesn't care how many of us are murdered. He might even relish it.

2:21 PM  
Blogger johnson said...

Obama is guilty of treason for allowing the narco-terrorists and coyotes over 5 miles of Arizona border to do as they please. He doesn't care how many of us are murdered. He might even relish it.
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12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexicans are people too you know? Besides, if people sell drugs there it's because someone buys them.

10:41 PM  

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