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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Illegal Alien just cost Meg Whitman 119 Million Dollars!

Translation: "No on Prop 187 and No on the Law in Arizona."
An actual Meg Whitman for Governor Campaign sign.

You've probably heard that Billionaire Meg has spent 119 MILLION dollars of her own money trying to become governor of California; the highest amount spent to date by a candidate. You should know by now that she's a pro illegal alien advocate and a disciple of John McCain.

Today, courtesy of the slimy, democrat/Jerry Brown loving lawyeress Gloria Allred we hear that for nine years Meg hired an illegal alien as a nanny/housekeeper. The insinuation is that she fired the nanny only to not be found out because of her run for governor and the poor 'migrant' claims of 'mistreatment'. $23.00 per hour!!!
(Gosh, Meg, plenty of us Californian NATIVES would like a job that paid that much!)

Mistreated? Write that one off...EVERY illegal alien believes they are 'mistreated' in the USA!

Dismissed for political expediency? Stranger things happen every day.

Well, we don't know yet if those charges are true. But anyone should be able to realize a couple of facts from what we do know.

1. Whitman is too dumb to be a governor if, in NINE years, she didn't know this woman was an illegal alien. (And Jerry Brown is NO better!)

2. Whitman has a history of pandering to the Hispanic lobby and not giving a WHIT for the rule of law, even going so far to denounce the people's vote for California's proposition 187 and opposing Arizona's SB1070.

Why is a poorly educated, limited English speaker preferred in her home to care for her children instead of a CALIFORNIAN who needs the job???

The elitists prefer them, that's why.
But why???
When the threat of deportation hangs over an alien's head, it's easier to get them to 'comply'. If their English is limited and they can't read, all the better, they'll know less of their boss's business.
Why hire a hard headed AMERICAN who might just tell someone what a phony they work for???

Today, The OC Register has some fascinating analysis in their article, Who wins, loses from mass immigration to California? Political Elitists like Meg Whitman is who!
...until today .... her beloved illegal alien might just cost her the election.

[snips]'CHEAP MAIDS AND NANNIES' - Immigrants' effect on the California lifestyle - No state and almost no developed economy has absorbed so many immigrant workers so quickly as California. The arrival of more than 5 million foreign workers over the past four decades raises a basic question: Who wins, and who loses?

The biggest gainers from immigration may be middle- and upper-class natives, particularly women. Immigration has helped make cheap personal services a common feature of middle-class life in California.

University of Chicago economist Patricia Cortes found that prices for housekeeping, gardening, child care and other services fell during the 1980s and '90s in cities where many low-skilled immigrants settled.

As a result women with professional or doctoral degrees spent more time at work. In economic terms, it's a simple tradeoff: A female physician, lawyer or professor earns more money by hiring someone else to clean her house, do her laundry or care for her children.
.... the more schooling a woman had, the more likely she was to hire domestic help. About 3 percent of women with high school diplomas hired housekeepers; the rate rose to 15 percent of women with a college degree and 25 percent of those with graduate degrees.


Meg Whitman's admiration for Obama's point man, socialist radical Van Jones should have been enough to turn off ALL republicans during the primary!

Meg Whitman: "I’m A Huge Fan Of Van Jones.......Van Jones Is ‘Doing a Marvelous Job’"

Now we are left with dumb and dumber to vote for, except for ONE!

Chelene Nightingale...listen to a great interview with Terry Anderson.

Chelene Nightingale Calls For Integrity As Whitman Is Accused Of Hiring Illegal Immigrant Housekeeper
September 29, 2010
Palmdale, California - Chelene Nightingale, the American Independent Party's candidate for Governor in 2010, is an outspoken advocate for strong illegal immigration reform – as well as clear and significant penalties for those in this country who hire illegal immigrants as workers.
Meg Whitman has been campaigning throughout the state saying that she wants to fine employers that hire illegal immigrants. During her statement at the September 28, 2010 debate between herself and Jerry Brown, Whitman said “We do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers and we do have to enforce that law.”
Chelene said today “Meg Whitman has been campaigning throughout the state saying she wants to fine employers that hire illegal aliens. Due to this event, she needs to start with herself!! Clearly her words do not match her actions. She is just another politician we would not be able to trust behind closed doors. Meg Whitman is business as usual. We The People are frustrated with that type of business. We need strong leadership to represent the people”
Learn more about Chelene Nightingale at

But this isn't the first political 'Nannie-gate' and likely won't be the last. It is my hope, that for once, democrats and republicans would stop defending these law breakers, just because it's on their own side.

Every one was ready to hang Colin Powell last week when he condoned hiring of illegal aliens. If Whitman didn’t ‘know’, then she’s beyond stupid. The only credit I will give Whitman on this story is that yes, Allred is an ambulance chaser, but making excused for rino’s like Whitman will only get us more of the same.

1. Tim Geithner
President Obama’s Treasury Secretary’s nomination of Mr. Geithner very nearly came crashing down after it was learned that he had employed an immigrant housekeeper whose employment authorization document had expired, CNN reported.

2. Nancy Killefer
Obama’s pick as the deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget withdrew her nomination after it was revealed that she did not pay employment taxes for household help for a year and a half, the Chicago Tribune reported.

3. Caroline Kennedy
One of the theories put fort by the New York Times regarding Ms. Kennedy’s abrupt withdrawal from her bid to fill Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat had it that the daughter of John F. Kennedy failed to pay taxes for a maid.

4. Linda Chavez
President George W. Bush selected Ms. Chavez for the post of secretary of labor, but her nomination was torpedoed after it was learned that Chavez housed an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who she employed as a housekeeper.

5. Bernard Kerik
Bush’s pick to head up the Department of Homeland Security withdrew after revealing that he had not paid taxes for a female undocumented worker he had hired, Fox News reported.

6. Jim Gibbons
The governor of Nevada was accused of hiring an illegal immigrant from Peru as a housekeeper and nanny back in 2006.

7. Zoe Baird
Picked to be Attorney General by Bill Clinton, Baird’s failure to pay taxes for babysitting help, as well as her willingness to hire illegal immigrants, sank her nomination.

8. Kimba Wood
Ms. Wood, Clinton’s choice for a federal judgeship, also came under scrutiny for employing an illegal immigrant for childcare duties. The two events came to be known as “nannygate.”

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