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Saturday, September 04, 2010

The expense and criminality of just one illegal alien headed to the Supreme Court

The expense and criminality of just one illegal alien (His 'RIGHTS' were violated!??)

This story has been around for 3 years, but not one news report reveals the perp is an illegal alien. From local courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, taxpayers
are saddled with the costs of his illegal incursion and defense. Below the article are court documents which finally reveal his status. As he awaits tax payer funded trials, he is NOT in the Jackson County Jail while thousands of alien Mexican drug cartel criminals continue to occupy US public and private lands.

Medford man in pot investigation pursues tracking device complaint to Supreme Court (Medford man???? NOT hardly!)

-- A Medford man plans to take his appeal of a mobile tracking device all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The attorney for Juan Pineda-Moreno believes a dissenting opinion in a federal appeals court ruling was the right one.

Police attached mobile tracking devices to a sport utility vehicle as part of a marijuana investigation in Southern Oregon that resulted in the arrest of Pineda-Moreno and others.

His attorney says his constitutional rights to privacy and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures were violated when federal agents attached the tracking devices while his SUV was parked on his property.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected those arguments in a divided opinion, but a dissenting judge agreed with them.

Trial Notes:

On September 12, 2007, information from a mobile tracking device alerted agents that Pineda-Moreno's vehicle was leaving a suspected marijuana grow site.   Agents followed the Jeep, pulled it over, and smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from a passenger in the backseat of the vehicle.   The agents contacted immigration authorities, who arrested all three individuals in the vehicle for violations of immigration laws.   Pineda-Moreno subsequently consented to a search of his vehicle and home.   In Pineda-Moreno's trailer, agents found two large garbage bags full of marijuana.


MYRICK: Hezbollah car bombs on our border

Why isn't Obama's Department of Homeland Security concerned?

By Rep. Sue Myrick

The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An indictment was handed down Aug. 30 by the Southern District Court of New York that shows a connection between Hezbollah - the proxy army of Iran and a designated terrorist organization - and the drug cartels that violently plague the U.S.-Mexico border.

In short, a well-known international arms dealer was trying to orchestrate an arms-for-drugs deal in which cocaine from FARC - the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which works with Mexican drug cartels to take cocaine into America - would be traded for thousands of weapons housed by a Hezbollah operative in Mexico.

This most recent case brings up several questions: Why would a member of Hezbollah be in Mexico? Why would Hezbollah need thousands of weapons in Mexico? Why are members of Hezbollah willing to work with FARC? Perhaps to exchange weapons for drugs? If Hezbollah has guns in Mexico and wants drugs, isn't it logical to assume that it is trading with more accessible Mexican drug cartels?

This is just the most recent incident in which it's clear that Hezbollah may have a presence in Mexico and along our southern border. There have been more incidents - which have been ignored by the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security.[snip]

Nothing to see here, folks!!!! DHS is more worried about TEA PARTIERS!!!

More IRONY out of Mexico!

US Cartoon of Mexican Flag Draws Ire

(Sept. 4) -- An American cartoonist's rendition of the Mexican flag is causing controversy south of the border, where Mexicans say it's offensive to taint their national symbol with images of drug violence.

Political cartoonist Daryl Cagle's drawing, which ran on the front page of several Mexican newspapers this week, shows what's normally a regal-looking eagle at the center of Mexico's flag riddled with bullets and bleeding. It's a reference to the drug wars that have riled Mexico and left more than 28,000 people dead there in less than four years. [snip]

US cartoon of Mexican flag draws ire

DIDN'T see Mexico complain about the MANY times their citizens destroyed Old Glory on OUR soil!

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