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Friday, August 20, 2010

Alien Mexican Cartels occupy land all over the USA!

Yes, we know Arizona has land that has been given up to Mexico and it's Narcoterrorists, but it's not just along the border. It's true. Search just about any state and you'll find the story.
Many refuse to believe it, at the peril of all of us.
Private property rights??? Forget about it! Public property protected??? LOL!


Another Marijuana Farm Seized by Southern Utah Law Enorcement ...

KCSG - - 4 hours ago
(St. George, UT) – A 40-member law enforcement team seized over 3000 plants in another Marijuana growing farm near Central, Utah in ...Thursday's raid is the sixth this year in Washington County, Moss said. Last year, there were two.


For years TheTownCrier has been reporting the hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat that is destroyed, without a word from 'enviro friendly' non profits and misguided, corrupt politicians. Last year, in the LaBrea Fire, 88,000 acres were burned down by the same illegal alien narcoterrorists.
This today:
Man fatally shot by deputies during pot raid was armed with pellet gun
[snip]Scouting deep within the steep, wooded wilderness of the sprawling N3 Cattle Ranch on July 21, three deputies shot Jose Penaloza-Soto, a landscaper from East Palo Alto. Deputies reported that the camouflaged 28-year-old did not drop his weapon when they spotted him and called out orders in both English and Spanish. In fact, he seemed to be aiming what clearly looked like a hunting rifle at a group of Alameda County sheriff's deputies who were also on the raid. As officers advanced on the wounded man, he suddenly reached out to grab the dropped weapon and was shot once more, according to officials.

When they finally got to him, lying on a hillside of loose scree not far from an 18,000-plant illegal marijuana garden, Penaloza-Soto was dead.

Deputies estimate that there was about $60 million of marijuana ready for harvest within two well-hidden gardens nearby. Other suspects at the scene ran, deputies believe. Deputies heard them crashing away through the underbrush during the shooting. They have not been found.

The dead man's family declined to be interviewed. But sheriffs reported that he was a Mexican national, here for slightly longer than a decade. He had worked for years with no criminal problems as a landscaper in the San Francisco area. Recently, his family reported, he had grown quiet and distant.


Officers swarm 'marijuana megafarms' with suspected ties to Mexican drug cartels

Sept. 22, 2010 - Chasing some of the men as they fled along the Muskingum River, authorities arrested 10 Mexican nationals and charged them with conspiracy to cultivate marijuana in two carefully tended fields about 90 miles apart.

Authorities then arrested Hugo Ayala, 40, at his apartment on Columbus' North Side. They say he was the ringleader of a potentially multimillion-dollar operation that could be linked to Mexican drug cartels.

Ayala, a legal U.S. resident, is thought to have shuttled his work crews from Columbus to their duties in the marijuana fields both east and northwest of the city. would camp out at the sites while working days a time. (THIS is what DHS is giving green cards out to!)


'Marijuana Megafarm' Hidden In Wisconsin National ForestAug 12, 2010
[snip]Investigators say a band of Hispanic men turned the forest's southeastern tip into a giant pot farm, growing thousands of plants on remote plots, moving supplies along forgotten logging roads and buying supplies and ammunition at local stores.

Federal, state and local police spent June and July tailing suspected growers, following pickup trucks down abandoned logging roads and watching Hispanic men appear in the trees and toss nylon sacks resembling grain feed bags into the beds.

They followed one suspect to a Fleet Farm in Green Bay, where he purchased six pairs of pruning shears. They watched another man purchase 9 mm ammunition at a nearby Wal-Mart, documents said.

In Wisconsin, the number of seized plants in grew six-fold between 2003 and 2008, a year when more than 32,000 plants were seized

Drug investigators believe Mexican cartels are largely responsible for the spike. Growing the drug here helps them get it to major American markets more quickly. They often import unskilled laborers from Mexico to help find the best land and tend their crops.

Hidden in national forest: marijuana megafarm

In this Wednesday Aug. 11, 2010 photo, the men arrested in connection with marijuana farms that were raided by authorities in a national forest in northeast Wisconsin appear in federal court in Green Bay, Wis.

Cartel grow recruiters often look for people with family in Mexico so they can use them as leverage to keep the farmers working and quiet. If anyone betrays the farm, they go after the worker's family, intelligence experts say.


Officials say Mexican cartels growing more pot in Texas | McClatchy

Jul 15, 2010 ... It's still early in the growing season, but the Ellis County Sheriff's Department has already unearthed nearly 30000 high-grade marijuana ...Link

Mexican cartel farmers believed to be back growing marijuana in North Texas

[snip]"If these cartels are involved, that's something for landowners to be concerned about. That's some mean people down there, and there's a lot of money at stake."


Two arrested in alleged pot-growing operation

[snip]One of two alleged marijuana growers captured by police late Tuesday night was armed with a loaded rifle when caught tending about 1,300 plants hidden in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, police say. ( Manuel C. Granados, 51, and Jose G. Perez, 36,)

In a similar case in Oregon on Wednesday morning, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies shot and killed an armed man in a raid of an alleged Mexican cartel’s outdoor marijuana growing operation, according to a bulletin from the Oregon State Police.
Officials said Wednesday evening they didn’t yet know whether the suspects are in the U.S. legally. Perez also was being held for arrest warrants, issued in other areas, charging DUI and negligent driving.

Police say illegal pot farms causing potential harm to environment

[snip]There's no regard for the environment or maintaining public lands," said Special Agent Sue Thomas. "There's a lot of trash, a lot of garbage, fertilizer, chemicals. It's a hazard to the environment, a hazard to hikers."


A public menace

[snip]Illegal marijuana plantations on government lands are expanding, putting forest users at risk, say Southern Oregon law officers.

Unlike domestic pot operations of years past, many of the plantations now growing on federal land are operated by Mexican drug-trafficking organizations who are well-financed and well-armed, the sheriffs said.

"The longer it goes on, the harder it will be for us to overcome," Winters told Walden. "They are better funded than us ... There are more of them than there are of us."

A separate 2008 NDIC report on cartel-related drug-trafficking organizations said the Federation cartel was active in Klamath Falls, and undetermined cartels were working in Medford and Roseburg.

The Justice Department's 2010 national drug threat assessment concluded the operations "constitute the greatest drug-trafficking threat" to the nation.

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I had no idea there was such a market for pot.

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