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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

McCain strikes another blow to freedom! Legislation alert!

John McCain spent the last 8 years campaigning for president. The only things he managed to involve himself with were investigating doping in sports, pushing an amnesty that his base didn't want and humiliating everyone on the conservative side of politics.

But no, that's not enough for John. Now he's introduced S 3002.
The bill is touted as a protection against natural supplement products, but fails to provide safety and implements only more expensive regulation and takes your freedom of choice.

Natural Solutions Foundation puts it this way:

McCain anti-DSHEA Bill a Clear and Present Threat to Health Freedom

Sen. John McCain is introducing a horrific bill, the "Dietary Supplement Safety [sic] Act of 2010" (DSSA) designed to end your access to high potency supplements by giving the bloated, corrupt and dangerous FDA MORE power to destroy supplement access. This bill is absolutely NOT to be confused with DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (1994), which says nutrients are food and, as food, you can have them in any form - and any amount - you like. If we allow DSSA to pass, we will be living - and dying - under something very much like the European Food Supplements Directive's anti-supplement restrictions, implementing Codex Alimentarius' dietary supplements and nutritional restrictions, to the "T" -- effective as close to immediately as the Fraud and Death Administration can manage it. Listen to the Dr. Rima Reports as Dr. Rima interviews Sarah Schons, MD, a renowned German Immunologist practicing natural medicine in Germany: . Food Supplements are going the way of the dodo in the EU. The US is clearly next unless we act now - in massive numbers, once for each member of your family, at

Your legal right to access supplements and herbs will, quite frankly, be a thing of the past. As we predicted years ago, the end of the first decade of the new millennium was intended to be when we lost our Health Freedom. Will you let that happen?
McCain: Pharma Tool, Globalist Fool. But, as foolish as he may be, his bill poses a major threat to you right now! [Question: if pro is the opposite of con, does that mean Congress is the opposite of Progress?]

However there are a host of problems in the bill serious enough to make it a completely irreparable and untenable piece of legislation. These include:

(1) The creation of completely outrageous European Food Supplements Directive (EFSD)/Health Canada-esque facility registration requirements for all brands, products and ingredients, despite the fact that food facilities are already required to be registered;

(2) The effective removal of the “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) status of most major herbs and botanical ingredients, thereby deeming most (if not all) herbals as “adulterated” unless they are included on the FDA’s “Accepted Dietary Ingredients” list;

(3) The creation and maintenance of voluminous safety dossiers on every dietary supplement and ingredient;

(4) The requirement that “all adverse events” (not just serious adverse events) relating to supplements be reported, including non-serious, trivial and unsubstantiated reports; and

(5) The codification of arbitrary and capricious cease-and-desist and recall authority based merely on the FDA’s “reasonable probability” that an item is adulterated or misbranded (this action can be taken regardless of whether the manufacturer is properly challenging the order).

This bill’s proposed establishment of an “approved list of ingredients” (much like EFSD’s approved lists of supplement ingredients and ingredient forms) is something to which the U.S. government (specifically the U.S. Codex delegation) has been adamantly opposed. So why would that same U.S. government endeavor to create “lists” - within its own borders - that it sees fit to battle against internationally?

In addition, the proposed provision that would require “all” adverse events to be reported would bog the AER system down with hundreds, if not thousands, of trivial and product-unrelated reports. This would serve to bury reports noting potential areas of commonality (signal events) in a garbage heap of useless information.

Once this bill is shelved, Citizens for Health will be happy to work with Senators McCain and Dorgan to come up with solutions directed at increasing and improving U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement against labs-for-hire that spike food products with steroids and other banned drugs.

But the priority now is to ensure this bill never sees a vote in the Senate. Send a letter to your Senators now, urging them to reject S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010.

Update: Bill filed as Senate Bill S 3002. Follow it at: and search for that bill number.

McCain's senate speech introducing this monstrosity Feb. 3, 2010.


THERE is a conservative alternative to McCain in Arizona!

Feb. 8, 2010 - Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging GOPers to shelve Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in favor of ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R), a challenger attacking from the right, in a new letter sent to primary voters.

"Senator McCain has served this country admirably but it's time to replace his moderate or even liberal positions on taxes, the border, social causes and big bank bailouts with a consistent conservative like J.D.," Arpaio writes in the letter. ""I just wish Senator McCain had run as hard against Barack Obama as he is against a conservative like J.D. That could have prevented the harmful, liberal agenda we are all now suffering through."


After disparaging the Tea Party movement, John McCain’s daughter and mouthpiece, Megan, on the “View” just a few days ago blurted out this nonsense.

“This is why young people are turned off by this movement [TEA PARTY]. And I’m sorry revolutions start with young people. “

Really? You ignorant woman. Get that from info your dad, did ya?

What about that old fool..does he get an opinion?

In 1776, the average age of the Founding Fathers was 43.8
(BTW, out of these 56, only 9 were immigrants!)

Hart - 64
Hopkins - 69
Lewis - 63
Livingston - 60
Thornton - 62
Franklin - 70

Let me get this straight. Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress which hasn't read it, signed by a President who smokes, funded by a Treasury Chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that is nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?


Blogger moggie222 said...

It appears John McAmnesty is reverting to the Manchurian side of his personality by introducing such an intensely hateful, nanny-state measure. Or is he so indebted to Big Pharma & Big Medical that he is just trying to help them out??? JDHaworth can surely use this for fuel in the senate race~! (I just bought a couple of vitamin products & wheat germ at a drug store--the long-standing health food store no longer exists. That's the way the Big Brother likes it. The deaths from self-healthcare as opposed to legal drug prescriptions is near-nothing when the prescrip stuff kills thousands every year.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Maggie Thornton said...

Great post, Towncrier. I hope Hayworth can rally the troops and move McCain out to pasture to spend a little time teaching Megan how to be a more respectful young adult.

Just as with almost all of McCain's legislation, it is nothing anyone needs.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous H. Guide said...

I commend Jackie and Delbert on such a great job and the rest of the DEA crew who got a few more of these drug dealers off the street. Think of how many lives you are saving by taking down the ones who are manufacturing and selling to minors and others. This is horrible, especially when there are children involved and seeing everything going on around them. Great JOB guys. I am proud to see things like this happen in our great community.

12:31 AM  

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