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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Real cost of immigration & Amnesty

Record Number of Illegal Aliens Caught Breaking Our Laws: Repeaters

January 05, 2010, 10:37 AM

Some say that illegal aliens do not cost us anything--in fact we "make" money from their taxes.

Yet more than HALF of all Federal prosecutions are of illegal aliens. In 2009, the U.S. Justice Department filed nearly 92,000 immigration-related criminal cases in the federal courts. The record-breaking trend accounted for more than half of all new federal prosecutions in the country, according to Justice Department data maintained at Syracuse University.."

How much does this cost us, how much does it cost to jail these criminals, how much is taken from honest citizens because of criminal illegal aliens (all are criminals, since they violate numerous laws--such as using phony and stolen ID's, use our welfare programs, crowd our schools, over crowd hospital emergency rooms and take up about one third of the California prisons (that one alone is valued at $8 billion according to a Federal court).

What is criminal are our elected and appointed officials who refuse to obey the law. For instance, California has a penal code that if you are caught driving without a license you can have your car impounded for up to 30 days. It would help if law enforcement did that. Go to almost any car wash, restaurant or hotel and you can find illegal aliens. Lancaster in LA County has a new law--hire illegal aliens and you lose your business license--great idea--then you will have to wash your own car or use an automated facility.

Time to get serious--we can no longer afford the lack of respect for the Rule of Law caused by illegal aliens--and we certainly can no longer afford the crime committed by them. We have enough legal citizens committing crimes, we don't have to import criminals.

Dumbass award!

US lifts HIV/Aids immigration ban

The United States has lifted a 22-year ban preventing anyone with HIV or Aids from entering the country.

President Obama said the measure was not compatible with American ambitions of becoming a world leader in the fight against the disease.

State Department Using 'Diversity Visas' to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen
January 04, 2010

( –The State Department has awarded 1,011 special “diversity visas” allowing Yemeni nationals to immigrate to the United States since 2000, the year 17 U.S. sailors were killed when the U.S.S. Cole was attacked by terrorists in the Yemeni port of Aden. The "diversity visas" are designed to encourage immigration from countries that do not otherwise send significant numbers of immigrants to the United States.

The State Department roster of all countries whose nationals have received "diversity visas" to immigrate to the United States in 2010, for example, shows that 2 of these immigrants will be from Luxembourg, 3 from the Solomon Islands, 4 from French Guiana, 5 from Reunion, 6 from Cape Verde, 7 from Malta, 8 from Guinea-Bissau, 9 from Comoros, 10 from Suriname--and 72 from Yemen.

That the U.S. would encourage immigration from Yemen during the past decade is of interest because of the terrorist problem in that country.

Yemen has long been a focus of U.S. security concerns because of terrorist activities there, including not only the 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole but also a 2008 bombing attack on the U.S. embassy. Recently, the concerns about terrorism eminating from Yemen has intensified because Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, the Nigerian terrorist who attempted to detonate explosive underwear on a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, reportedly joined an al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen and was groomed there for his would-be suicide attack.

In his Saturday radio address, President Obama himself specifically pointed to Yemen as the country of origin from Abdulmuttalab's terrorist plot, and on Sunday the State Department closed the U.S. embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa for fear of a terrorist attack.

Lessons from the Last Amnesty

Problems with the 1986 IRCA Legalization Program
From the Center for Immigration studies

WASHINGTON (January 5, 2010) – The Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress have announced they will try to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens this year. Only the House version of their bill has so far been introduced: H.R. 4321. The Senate companion bill will be sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer, who, while in the House, was a key player in passing the last big amnesty, the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Lawmakers would be remiss if they did not examine the implementation of the IRCA amnesty, and consider its cautionary lessons. To assist that process, the Center for Immigration Studies has published a report that details the dysfunctional inner workings of the legalization program. “A Bailout for Illegal Immigrants? Lessons from the Implementation of the 1986 IRCA Amnesty” was prepared by Center Fellow and longtime immigration researcher David North, who spent nearly two years (funded by the Ford Foundation and a federal agency) examining the IRCA amnesty as it was being implemented.

Among the report's conclusions:

  • The agency running the program, the old Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), far from being the tough law-enforcement agency the immigrants’ advocates feared, turned out to be a typical governmental agency with a strong case of client-itis, one that usually said “yes” to its applicants.

  • Operating without many useful precedents, INS created a new and questionable decision-making process that severely hampered the detection of fraud.

  • A great deal of money intended for the legalization program was diverted to other government programs.

  • As a result, there was a tremendous amount of fraud, largely ignored by INS. A subsequent Center for Immigration Studies estimate, based on population estimates, found that fully one-quarter of those granted legal status had secured that status through fraud.

James Woods, interesting man. He should run for public office.


“Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fascist ... I’m not joking. You look at what’s happening in this country now. Catharine MacKinnon thinks that we should now limit free speech, anything that offends a woman should now no longer be allowed - no reasonable man or woman in this country would subscribe to that, it’s just insanity.” (1994)

“But, you know, feminists have just destroyed the world as we, know it. I haven’t met a woman lately, and I’m talking about women who work and have a high position, who doesn’t agree with that. It has just destroyed relationships between men and women. Men and women are very wary of each other now. I listen to these feminists rave about, ‘How dare they attack ‘Bill Clinton’ for having a little consensual sex act’, but went nuts because Clarence Thomas allegedly made a joke about a Coke can. And the other guy is humiliating his wife and getting oral sex while he’s talking about Bosnia to a congressman. Hello? Barbara Boxer is, you know, the most worthless, hypocritical ‘feminist’ loser on the face of the earth .... I just loathe with every fiber of my being, liars. My second ex-wife was a liar. And Nixon was a liar. And this Clinton is a liar. I have no respect for him no matter what in the world he ever does.”

“”My nightmare in life, my absolute fundamental, overwhelming, egregious nightmare, is Bill Gates’ vision of the future, where there will be a video camera on every corner and every conversation will be recorded. Man, I’d rather put a pitchfork in my eyes than live in a world like that.”

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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Blogger Brittanicus said...

Can Americans and permanent residents conceivably imagine, that before President Obama signs into law this Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Millions of desperate people will try and cross the border fence? This is just as they did when President Ronald Reagan occupied the same Oval Office in 1986? Under the authorship of Senator Ted Kennedy, the number of illegal immigrants ready to be processed, instantly accelerated in numbers as they came out of the woodwork. After a promise of NO MORE AMNESTIES--after the Simpson/Mozzoli bill was pending, the obsolete Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was suddenly overwhelmed by unknown numbers of illegal aliens, who fraudulently adjusted their status to legal immigrant through bogus documentation.

The law stated you had to have resided on US soil for five years and able to prove it? Simple counterfeit documents were produced attesting to being in the country for that period. Once processed Millions deserted the agricultural jobs and spilled into the legitimate American labor force. Then the deluge of family members wanted to come and now America has not only become the land of fraudulent opportunity, but insipid politicians have allowed free access to American's education, health care and outlandish welfare dollars estimated in the hundreds of billions each year. Now the lawmakers have suckled though gross negligence on poor enforcing the border, to just complete and utter indifference to the American worker. This almost instantaneous infusion of discount labor, lowered wages and other benefits for the populace, producing unfair competition in employment for black, white, brown labor on the minimum wage scale. Its outrageous that roofing companies, dry wall, framers and every conceivable construction, entertainment and service industry have capitalized on illegal workers, taking away from legitimate businesses their ability to compete for bids.

Our health care system is badly broken, which has become a welfare entitlement to foreign nationals who can deliver babies in this country. Instant citizenship is not recognized in the majority of industrialized nation and has been allowed to propagate in the US, and has led to extreme expenditures by hospitals and the proverbial taxpayer.Even American colleges have become political pawns in the illegal immigration mess. Just as Illegal aliens get free treatment in the health care matrix, they are now demanding the right to in State tuition for their children? Yet American students have to pay high tuition payments, of which the federal government remains silent on the issue

This unsustainable greed cannot last much longer as wages fall and benefits are extinguished by the ruthless use of illegal labor. E-Verify, the local police 287 (g) with the power to arrest, didn't exist prior to President Bush introduction to the job market. From its inception E-Verify to stem illegal aliens from stealing jobs from millions of legitimized workers as part of the progressive SAVE ACT. Free trade under the NAFTA treaty became an abomination, as it deposed indigenous farmers from their income lands South of the border, thanks to US agricultural corporations. They needed to feed their families, so in their desperation they came looking for work in the United States. This catch 22 situation has appropriated lands in Mexico for US agricultural interests, at the same time forcing millions striving to reach this nation. As the Obama administration considers CIR, the numbers of illegal immigrants will rise in apportionment to the new AMNESTY law being to be enacted.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Brittanicus said...

It might seem meaningless now, but if the rush to the border comes, as its been said by blogger's like me and even the press, whom normally have their fingers in their ears. That--NOTHING--will--STOP--the onslaught. The US Border Patrol needs to be enforced with the National Guard, because the numbers who try to force a way into America will freeze the brain. OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN CRIPPLED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND WILL CONTINUE TOO, BECAUSE OF POOR ENFORCEMENT. THE NUMBERS OF 12 TO 13 MILLION ALREADY HERE, DOESN'T ADD UP?

Those who have urged President Obama to enact this nonsensical AMNESTY, will be out-of-office, in the 2010 election year. Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV) leading the pack of wolves, will be the first to end up on the political funeral pyre. Those who come here from South of border and the very tip of South America, will enter with contagious diseases, criminal records and may be even terrorists. Those who slip across the Canadian border or through lengthy tourist lines at airport terminals could also be carriers of many viruses, not seen in America for fifty years.

All these millions of extra mouths to feed, will overload the government entitlement system and our crammed prisons. For many Americans this use of illegal labor and the consequences of Overpopulation seems the least of their worries, in this devastated economy. Perhaps it seems foolish to expect patriotic Americans to make their voices known, but if we do not stop this AMNESTY. We will be committing financial suicide for every legitimate person in this country, for every low skilled, unskilled US worker. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senator and Congressman and use the voting power of THE PEOPLE. NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIAL WATCH for more enlightening information about this ultra serious concern.

Latest News from JUDICIAL WATCH: The records clerk (Clara Aguilar) at Valencia County Detention Center in New Mexico says her job is on the line for assisting state police officers who requested she call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding newly apprehended illegal aliens. Since 2007, the county facility has notified the federal agency about illegal immigrant arrestees but the system abruptly changed recently. With at least four (Albuquerque, Aztec, Rio Arriba County and Santa Fe) official illegal immigrant sanctuary cities or counties, New Mexico is one of ten states in the nation that offers undocumented aliens discounted tuition at public colleges and universities and one of seven that gives them official driver’s licenses.

2:50 PM  
Blogger TheTownCrier said...

"It might seem meaningless now, but if the rush to the border comes, as its been said by blogger's like me and even the press, whom normally have their fingers in their ears. That--NOTHING--will--STOP--the onslaught."

You got that right, Brittanicus! Why wouldn't they all come when they KNOW no one is going to make them leave...ever! Plus give them anything they demand...

Have a Happy New Year anyway!

'Yet more than HALF of all Federal prosecutions are of illegal aliens. In 2009, the U.S. Justice Department filed nearly 92,000 immigration-related criminal cases in the federal courts. The record-breaking trend accounted for more than half of all new federal prosecutions in the country, according to Justice Department data maintained at Syracuse University.."

4:34 PM  
Blogger Samuel Williams said...

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10:27 PM  

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