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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Answer to the World's Problems — Immigration to America

Just some of the Haitians who will get amnesty...


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These 'immigrants' can't seem to protest or do anything about the corruption in their own homeland, but have no difficulty marching in our streets making demands.

Great Article from Center for Immigration Studies by Mark Kirkorian
The Answer to the World's Problems — Immigration to America

[snip] For the second time to three days, the Washington Post has an op-ed calling on us to help Haiti by reducing the number of Haitians living there. Elliott Abrams' piece, which I critiqued here on Friday, was wrongheaded in calling for substantial increases in Haitian immigration but at least it didn't reject American sovereignty. On the other hand, this most recent piece, by tranzi economist Michael Clemens at the Center for Global Development, is remarkable as an example of forthright post-Americanism. For instance:

"We do know, however, why many individual Haitians are poor. For a large number, there is a clear reason: Many have been willing and able to leave Haiti for American shores, but armed agents of the U.S. government have forcibly stopped them or deterred them from trying. If they had not been stopped, virtually none of them would have been as poor and vulnerable as they were on Jan. 12."

Oh my, armed agents forcibly stopping illegal immigration — the boot of the Coast Guard is stomping on Haitians' faces forever. As for "many" Haitians who are willing to leave, Clemens himself notes that 51 percent of Haitians told Gallup last year that they want to emigrate — that's 4.5 million people.

The author's political agenda is clear — use the earthquake as a rationale for "comprehensive immigration reform":

"The earthquake in Haiti has laid bare the consequences of our restrictive immigration policies."

Or, as he's written elsewhere, "immigration policy debates must take some account of their massive effects on poor people overseas."

On the other hand, I can't wait for the amnesty crowd to adopt this line of argument — it would do more to sabotage amnesty than any number of May Day marchers holding Che Guevara posters.

PS!! DO NOT donate to UNICEF! Corruption!

The French apparently stealing orphaned Haitian infants from hospitals right under UNICEF’s nose
The Collins Report ^ | January 25, 2010 |

The terrible earthquake that destroyed Haiti has also unmasked the “international aid community” especially the United Nations, as the frauds they actually are.

Last month the media largely ignored a Pan American Development Foundation report that “at least 225,000 children in Haiti have been sold into slavery as unpaid household servants.” This sobering announcement came as no surprise to the phonies in the United Nations.

They know what the conditions are in Haiti, but “after all it’s just Haiti – and we can always blame the United States” seems to be the way these people think.

Now it’s worse

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).... job revolves around helping the world’s under privileged endangered children, tells us they've noticed orphaned Haitian babies have been “disappearing” from hospitals.

This UNICEF which no doubt joins France and the rest of the world in calling Americans “occupiers” of Haiti is reporting it thinks the “noble” French are merely picking up children and taking them home like bags of groceries! France it must be noted is reportedly fast tracking the “adoption” of at least 13 of these children. All of this “raises fears” of child trafficking among these people.

The UN’s Chief of Child Protection under UNICEF told a French news agency, “What we’re understanding is that large numbers of children who do not have such documentation are leaving the country. We have quite – I have to say – an alarming situation on our hands.”

So the normal condition of 225,000 children being sold into slavery in this dirt poor country is not “an alarming situation”, but western countries getting caught stealing children like so many shop lifters is not “alarming?”

Sure the situation in Haiti is total chaos but don’t Obama’s “international” friends have any sense of decency?


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