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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Government healthcare, "Watch your back, Jack!



First the government cripples you, then it tries to sell you a crutch!

I have some relatives who just can't let go of the 'glow' of the Obama presidency and the hollow promise of 'free health care'. I am reminded of a line from the great movie, 'A clear and present danger'. Jack Ryan, played by Harrison Ford is going to Washington DC to do battle with the politicians. His mentor, played by the wonderful James Earl Jones tells Ford that he can describe Washington DC politics in four words:

"Watch your back, Jack!

I would like to know from the faithful believers in this health care legislation farce......
Do you let your grown children have control of your insurance and health care?
No? Why not?
They don't need control over you?
None of their business?
Do you think your kids care less about you than some faceless bureaucrat in DC?

When the government controls your health care, government controls our life! This is one of the last freedom we have, they already control our income, etc. and I'm not content to turn it over to a government, any government. And it sure doesn't take 1000 pages to 'fix' the problems we have to insure a very small percentage of the population...a good percentage of them being illegal aliens..

which reminds me....For a dozen years, I have asked this question:
Name 3 things the government doesn't tax, regulate or prohibit........
No one has ever been able to do it. But I finally know of one thing!

Good article:


(the BEST expose', by a physician)
American Daughter ^ | 8-21-2009 | David H. Janda, MD

[snips] As a physician who has authored books on Preventative Health Care and Health Care Cost Containment, I was recently given the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at a Congressional Dinner at The Capitol Building in Washington D.C… The presentation, entitled Health Care Reform; The Power & Profit of Prevention was well received.

In preparation for the presentation, I read the latest version of “reform” as authored by The Obama Administration and supported by Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid. It is important to realize that The Obama Health Care Plan is comprised of two parts…..that’s right, not one but two parts.

The first part of The Obama Health Care Plan was buried in The Stimulus Bill which was signed into law by the President in February . It is the second part of The Health Care Plan which is now being debated in Congress. Below is the link to the over 1000 page document…..

Let me summarize just a few salient points of the two part Obama Health Care Plan. Warning……. They need to put the same warning on The Obama Health Care Plan as they do a pack of cigarettes…..Consuming this product WILL be hazardous to your health. .......

I rest my case….The Health Care Plan authored by Obama / Pelosi / Reid is hazardous to the health of every American.

In the question/answer session following my Capitol Hill presentation, a Congressman asked: “I am doing a number of network interviews next week on the Obama Health Care Plan. If I am asked what is the one word to describe the plan, what should I answer?”

The answer is simple, honest, direct, analytical, and sad, but truthful. The word is FASCIST.


The cartoon every American NEEDS to see! This Cold War propaganda short from 1948 shows how we all lose under big government... including the business tycoons, politicians, unions, farmers and John Q. Public . And, what can happen if America loses it's individuality and entrepreneurship in favor of the collective and oppressive.

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