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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Democrats show their colors...NOT Red, White & Blue!

The DNC calls the right to assemble and objection to OBAMA socialism "GOP MOB RULE" in their latest advertisement, "Enough of the MOB"

See it here:

Sean Hannity (8/5/09) just played this new advertisement targeting anyone protesting Obama healthcare. He was as distressed by it as much as I was. It is some nasty, vile propaganda. They want you SILENT....they call us MOBS....but they sure didn't call the Millions of foreign nationals marching in our streets demanding we change our laws to suit THEM a mob! But they are the latest voting constituency of the Democrat party, so it's OK!

These are some dangerous people. They will say ANYTHING! The RNC didn't do squat! The people had to do it! The democrats KNOW this is a grass roots movement by republican, independents and democrats! THEY KNOW and they aren't going to tolerate it! Even squishy middle moderate republicans can be reasoned with, and eventually most of them, finally, GET IT! Democrats are BORN democrats...special interest groups...gays, blacks, hispanics, AARP (not working so well today - the old folks are wakin' up!), unions, abortion business, eviro whacko investors like Al Gore.....that makes up the Democrat party...they go along with each other for their vested interest. They could care less about the Constitution and "We the people". They will never get it!

For you morons who keep supporting the policies provided by Obama and his Democrat henchmen, THIS is what a mob looks like! And YOU want to give them AMNESTY!

April 10, 2006: In the streets of Dallas, Texas, a human tidal wave surged through the streets. The immense crowd carrying the Mexican flag and placards featuring the likeness of Cuban Marxist terrorist Che Guevara--estimated to be at least 100,000 strong, with other estimates running as high as 500,000 --shuffled at times and surged at other times toward city hall, yelling insults and throwing bottles of water at those few counter-protestors brave enough to confront the seething throng. The counter-protestors quickly evaporated when police indicated they couldn't guarantee ...

HOW SOON we forget!!!

April 28th, 2003, Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY: (screeching) I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, "WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE WITH ANY ADMINISTRATION!"

Read the transcript of this disgusting DNC advertisement here:

In case you haven't heard, Obama wants your neighbors to turn you in if you object to his policies!
  • White House: Snitch on People Who Oppose Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills Editor ^ | August 5, 2009 | Steven Ertelt
    The White House is not happy with the millions of Americans who oppose the pro-abortion government-run health care plan Congress is considering. In a new post on the White House web site, Obama Administration officials ask people to become tattletales on groups and people who oppose the health care bill.[snip]
Liberal useful idiots, Go here to snitch!!!

"Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an e-mail or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to," the Obama web site says.

This is for real!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!


TheTownCrier Disclaimer: For you folks that write me whining about the republicans being as bad as the democrats....I AM NOT a republican. If you had read any of this blog, you would see I take the republicans to task about 3 times more often than democrats. SOME republicans CAN be reasoned with.
Some of them are just like the democrats....wolves in sheep's clothing. At this point in history, the democrats have more wolves than the GOP. That's all....
and you're a FOOL if you don't question this kind of POWER!



Anonymous Paul said...

We first heard from the birthers, with their fake “birth certificate” in hand and with their fake outrage. These are the same under tones that you saw from Republicans during the confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor, "you are not like us" or "you are too different", “you are not main stream”. And then they act surprised when people do not vote with them, they are lost, no core beliefs, too bad.

In my opinion the Republican Party has been taken over the most extreme religious right (people who love to push their beliefs on others while at the same time trying to take away their rights) and that’s who they need to focus on if they real want to win. Good Luck, because as they said in WACO, “We Ain’t Coming Out”.

It’s funny we hear Republicans say that they do not want “faceless bureaucrats” making medical decisions but they have no problem with “private sector” “faceless bureaucrats” daily declining medical coverage and financially ruining good hard working people. And who says that the “private sector” is always right, do we forget failures like Long-Term Capital, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Enron, Tyco, AIG and Lehman Brothers. Of course the federal government will destroy heathcare by getting involved, Oh but wait our military men and women and the Senate and Congress get the best heathcare in the world, and oh, that’s right, its run by our federal government. I can understand why some may think that the federal government will fail, if you look at the past eight years as a current history, with failures like the financial meltdown, Katrina, and the Walter Reed Scandal but the facts is they can and if we support them they will succeed.

11:29 AM  
Blogger TheTownCrier said...

Sorry, Paul, I am NOT a Republican, I am an American! I don't belong to parties....I stand with the Constitution. Some republicans do as well, and DAMN few democrats.

You voiced your 'opinion'....based on nothing but the noise in your head and a biased're not alone, there are many like you, sad to say.


3:15 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

How does shouting down to stop the conversation of the healthcare debate at town hall meetings, endears them to anyone. Especially when the organizations that are telling them where to go and what to do and say are Republicans political operatives, not real grassroots. How does shouting someone down or chasing them out like a “lynch mob” advanced the debate, it does not. So I think the American people will see through all of this and know, like the teabagger, the birthers, these lynch mobs types AKA “screamers” are just the same, people who have to resort to these tactics because they have no leadership to articulate what they real want. It’s easy to pickup a bus load of people who hate, and that’s all I been seeing, they hate and can’t debate. Too bad.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Bob Qat said...

Oh... I wish I had thought to do this a few years ago. "Paul" posted the exact same thing all over the web. Now that it is very clear ObamaCare is a shiny stink, I wonder what he posts... and are Republicans still to blame?

10:01 AM  

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