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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, TheTownCrier has become a Prejudiced Bigot!

I know most of you just can’t understand how I can dislike a certain group of people with such intensity, but you may not have had to live with THEM, be their victim, watch them destroy your children or grandchildren and other decent citizens. Maybe you’re in some wonderful upscale place where you never have too see THEM, go to school with them, and pray to God your children don’t marry one of them. It comes from being forced to live around THEM for sixty years.

Every day, having to listen to them butcher the English language....watching them seldom pay their bills or keep their word. The truth is meaning less in the world they were raised in. Their homes and yards look like something out of a banana republic and their kids are dirty , obnoxious, misbehaving little criminals. Their animals are always doing their biological duties in my yard, because they ‘believe’ animals should be free! The worst neighbors ever imagined.

They drink too much, get too many DUI’s, smoke too much pot or any drug they can consume or deal, end up in jail, often letting their families do without or go on welfare while their families always bail them out.

They breed too much.....I’ve known thousands of the men to impregnate 3 or 4 women and sire yet more little ignorant babies that will become yet more ignorant, special interest, needy, identity politic voters. But by gosh, they know if they are an “R” or a “D” and some claim to be ‘independent’ , but care to know little of civic duty, or what it means to earn the privilege to be an American . They spend most of their conversation whining because The USA government or their neighbors, families won’t give them enough and just accept their uncivilized ways unquestioned! They often practice some enabling, perverted form of Christianity. They always blame the wrong people and leaders.

The men are mostly abusive, aggressive, angry and arrogant, the women compliant and dumber than a box of rocks, just like their men want them to be... and always poor. Some may earn lots of money, usually dishonestly, but it’s spent before it’s earned. And they always seem to drive a better car than most of us middle class worker bees living within our means, but seldom pay one off.

But you feel sorry for them, when they ask you for work or a favor or a loan. Yes, I know some are likely not working legally, not licensed, unqualified, but anyone who wants to work deserves a break, right? I was raised to water the thirsty and feed the poor less fortunate than I am. Of course they tell you they can do the job, they are ‘experienced’!

But every time ‘giving THEM a break’ backfires. Every time! They don’t show up or never at the time they said they would. They accomplish little, destroy more, and have to take a couple breaks and a lunch hour in a 3 hour shift of work. They don’t even call if they don’t show. I politely ask if I can count on them to do what they say this time.

The nerve of me! I am curtly informed they will show up when they feel like it, they don’t have to tell me a damn thing, THEY are doing me a favor!
This ain’t a REAL job!’
......but I know if I answer,
‘No, a real job would pay half of what I pay you, take out taxes, not give you food or anything I can spare, and you’d be fired!’
....... I will get my property vandalized, stolen, be lied about or whatever creative emotion they can muster to ‘get even’. And retaliate they must, like a cornered animal. It’s their way, they are too stupid to understand anything else. They deal only in emotion, never with reason.

I, like many other citizens of this nation, managed to work hard, ethically and honestly to elevate myself out of the poverty I was born into.....poverty probably unlike any ethnic group in this country of my era has ever experienced. And I did it with not one dime from the government or any church. It’s past time THEY wise up and do the same.

I’ll bet there are a bunch of them attempting to read this right now. Probably not enough four letter words for THEM to understand it. Their minds are made up, and they have no intention of being confused with facts. And I'll bet they are all ticked off.........

Well, good! Because I’m tired of coddling the worthless leaches and I'm tired of society doing it as well. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? They are the reason, my nation is going down into a socialist, do nothing, non productive, unrepresentative, ‘tolerant’ drain!

If I had the power, I would send THEM all off to some remote 3rd world hell hole and let THEM all rot together instead of bleeding the few of us left who understand independence, objective thought, knowledge and education, honor and ethics, for heavens sake!

But I can’t. No one can. They are already here, with that great honor bestowed on them by nothing but birthright citizenship.

Because THEY are U.S.A. Citizen WHITE TRASH! And they, in the end, have no one to blame but themselves for the mess this nation is in. They never contributed or helped anyone in need in their sorry lives much less thought of allegiance to this nation or anything for that matter.

Raised poor Irish in the hills of the Ozarks, my mother, who managed to get an education, said there was no shame in being poor, there was plenty of it in being dirty, lazy, fat, selfish and ignorant.

Blaming the schools for a poor education, won’t cut it. Most of THEM didn’t try to learn much anyway and their parents were too ignorant, damaged or preoccupied to make them learn what they should know in spite of the incompetent schools.

The Cherokee, in the early 1800’s, within a generation, taught themselves proper English, became prosperous business people, learned to read and write their own language, learned to honor the rule of law and civilization. It’s high time THEY, no matter what race or origin, did too!

I’ve tried to escape THEM my whole life, but there they are. And they are no different than the trash that often comes out of any ethnic group, race or country. We’ve always had them, and until this species finally wipes itself out, we always will. What ya gonna do?

Ah, but the White Trash always seem so ‘accepting’ and tolerant and hail the virtues of ‘diversity’. ‘Diversity is our strength!’

NONSENSE! America became great in spite of our diversity. Because to be an American used to mean being like minded, yearning for freedom and a common belief in what it means to be American. We will actually achieve ‘diversity’ when we open our minds, not our borders, allowing those who have no desire to be here except for what they can manipulate us out of while keeping their allegiance to another country and belief system.

The rule of law, the Constitution, self reliance, integrity and abandoning ignorance and protecting our borders is our strength. A tyrannical government feels sorry for self inflicted losers no matter what race they are. They count on them to control the rest of us....the disappearing American Middle Class of ALL races. Scum and criminals and uneducated ne'er-do-wells of any stripe always flock together. Just like feral dogs. Problem is they are now electing the leaders of this nation.

To invite the same kind of dependent, uneducated, damaged, prejudiced ‘cultures’ from any foreign nation that can get here legally or illegally is the ultimate insult to those of us who still hold our sovereignty and freedom precious and believe the USA is still a wonder to protect.

To my Irish cousins, 50,000 plus of you who are in this country illegally, clean up the mess you helped create...GO HOME!

We have enough of our own trash, we don’t want yours!

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