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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dare to Believe in the Best Version of Yourself


Last night’s offering of CSI New York on CBS ( otherwise known as the Communist Barak Station) was very entertaining. Especially good was the speech given by Mac Taylor, played by the patriotic Gary Senise. The plot moved around environmental extremism; a bombing by one of the terrorist groups specifically.

Gary Senise, as Mac Taylor, CSI New York

One scene, with several of the cast members, mentions the bombing which killed innocents was very similar to a past ‘Weatherman operation’. You will recall that the Weatherman Underground terrorist group was headed up by William Ayers, good friend, neighbor and likely mentor to Barak and Michelle Obama in Chicago.

Most intriguing was one particular actor in that scene, Hill Harper, who is said to be Obama’s close college friend and supporter. He worked for the campaign and was a frequent face in the festivities as a ‘best friend’ type. One has to wonder what the back stage conversations were over that inclusion, or if Obama’s good friend is even aware of Obama’s other ‘good friends’.

Hill Harper, CSI New York.

Mac Taylor gives counsel to a young man fearing failure as a father and husband. He advises, “Don’t let fear rule you.....believe in the best version of yourself.”

We would all be better if we took that advice. Just yesterday, I snapped at someone.....Oh, yes, they deserved it, and more. But my response was certainly not ‘the best version of myself’. We all fall short at times. Many of us also chose to succumb to ignorance or ego to present less than our best version or we were never taught to believe in our best version.

By plundering the national treasury and sinking us into debt by borrowing from regimes like China, Barak Obama has certainly chosen to deny the ‘best version of himself’. For all he learned, no one taught him to believe he could be better.

This is an intelligent man, head of the free world, but flawed and inexperienced and leading us on a dangerous path. Obama has chosen to be just another Bernie Madoff, running just another pyramid/ponzi scheme. These ‘bail outs’ and budgets are Amway on steroids and viagra! The only real difference is Madoff is going to jail. While Obama, with his media propaganda enabling him, is going to change your life, indebt your progeny and you’re not even going to get a freebie cleaning sample out of the deal.

Can we believe in 'the best version of ourselves' to preserve this country?

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