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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GOP platform backs off pet issues to help McCain

That's the headline today from Yahoo News. Conservative Republican Platform? HA!
This is the 'Kennedy wing of the GOP Platform', courtesy John McCain.

cva66snipe at Free Republic gets it!

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Greatest Show under the Big Tent. And now for the coming main attraction. Master Elephant Trainer John McCain will preform an amazing feat that has never been attempted. He will on Tuesday November 4 make an Elephant roll over and play dead before his cheering audience of his loyal friends The Rockefeller Republicans & the Democratic Party.

Buy your tickets now for this spectacular Freak Show by placing a donation to the RNC The RINO's National Committee. It promises to be far greater than previous freak shows such as the 1976 Ford campaign or the 1996 Bob Dole campaign. Buy your straight party tickets now in advance at your nearest Democratic or Republican local headquarters."


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