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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OPERATION SECURE NOW!!!! July 4th! Be there!

We invite ALL Americans to join us for the Celebration Event of the Year!!!


When: JULY 4th, 2008!!!
Where: CAMP VIGILANCE, Boulevard, CA
Event Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Border Watch: For Patriots Who Wish To Stay, There Will Be A Weekend Border Watch -July 5th & 6th!!

The Unity of Groups: The event is sponsored by California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Save Our State, The Minuteman Corps of CA Inc, The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA, The San Diego Minutemen, The Escondido Minuteman Brigade, The Antelope Valley Minutemen and others!!!!!

July 4th festivities will include guest speakers, entertainment, patriotic vendors, and a BBQ! ($10 donation per vehicle. And a $10 donation for food per adult. $5 for children. This is to just cover the costs we are spending for the event.)


Special Guest Speakers Confirmed Include:

CONGRESSMAN DUNCAN HUNTER!! (Former GOP Presidential Candidate)

Darrell Castle, U.S. Constitution Party Vice-President Candidate,
Monica Ramos, Joe Loya (Wife and Father-in-Law of Imprisoned Border Patrol Agents, Nacho Ramos)

The Jamiel Shaw Family,

Michael Crimmins, Candidate For Congress,

Tony Dolz, Candidate For Congress,

Ted Hayes, Candidate For Congress,

Duncan D. Hunter, Candidate For Congress,

David Lee Joy, Candidate For Congress,

Bill Lussenheide, Candidate For Congress, & Others!


Musical Guests:
Ruben Medina of the Americana Union Band (Songs include "Matricular Madness")

Special Screening of the documentary full length film "Documented America, The "I" Word".
Executive Producer, CJ Raef will be present for a Q & A!!
(This film has been accepted into two film festivals!)

Magician Loch David Crane
will also entertain

Joni Tofanelli will broadcast LIVE!!

Rev Earle Fox will lead a seminar on the role of Christianity in the founding of our country. The Reverend will also perform our opening invocation.

There will also be fun raffles...the donations will go where they belong..the Ramos & the Shaws!!

Patriots Will Light Up the Sky at 9pm with Light filled balloons!! Celebrate our nation's birth!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to show the entire nation (and our Presidential Candidates) that Safety, Sovereignty and Security are THE most defining issues of our day.

Camping is available. Arrivals are permitted starting July 3rd. For more information visit: or

God Bless America,
Chelene Nightingale
Media & Events Director
office: 310-237-5590

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