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Thursday, July 03, 2008

On the Radio....In honor of our Talk radio hosts on this July 4th

The best media is being pushed into extinction.

There was no T.V, not until 1954 in my hometown. I was six years old. One station. Part time. We got the second station years later and the third by the time I was grown with my own family. Three stations! Did we ever think we were in tall cotton then!

Of course, the big coastal economic zones got cable by that time. There weren’t CD’s in the vehicles and until tape players replaced it, folks had to listen to the radio in the car. They weren’t distracted by a cell phone either. In those days, we were in our cars most of the time. Gas was cheap, there was a country to see. Remember those days?

You won’t for long. We old ones will soon be replaced with new ones who will turn on the latest MP3 of Amy Winehouse on their commute to work or school, get collective historical amnesia and never realize the $10.00 a gallon they are paying for gas to get there should alarm them.

When I was a kid I got to listen to Dwight Eisenhower and Edward R. Murrow. In New York and LA the masses were already distracted with the latest technical listening and viewing devices. In the 70’s, I listened to Ronald Reagan every day on my commute home. Most were listening to the Grateful Dead.

And I still enjoy the radio. I get to hear presidents and world leaders and politicians get asked real questions and get real answers that you anti-radio people never hear, instead of the sound bites of the main stream media. The big media pick our candidates. Talk radio asks why.

In the eighties, I got to hear Barbara Jordan make a speech on Immigration policy that should be required listening and reading material in every high school. Why couldn’t we get her instead of Barak? There was a democrat I would have voted for. Well, they don't make 'em like they used to.

In the 90’s on the radio, I learned the Clinton Impeachment wasn’t about sex! Who knew??! It seemed like no one else around me knew, they were busy enjoying their latest CD player in their over financed car or watching the playboy channel.

Take 20 minutes the next time you fill up at the gas station suffering through a $150.00 tank and turn on the radio. Yes, AM. My own grown child said she didn’t know they even had AM any more! But she’s got a CD player and 2 cell phones in her car.

You’ll have to listen to a few hosts to figure out who is on the ‘powers that be’ take list. Sadly, that happens to the big boys of radio once in a while. They morph from American into Republican or Democrat. Listen and you’ll know who they are. And I honor those who, year after year, remain solid. They are a dying breed of the free press that educated the country the best it ever had for nearly 50 years. And it was ALL in English. And no one complained about it. Now, I have to channel through 50 foreign language, USA occupied stations to find my nations language.

If the democrats and too many republicans get their way, they will institute their ‘fairness doctrine’ to destroy the last voice of talk radio. If they don’t, you might actually find out why you’re paying $4.59 for a gallon of gas.


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