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Monday, June 09, 2008

The truth of this election........

(Thanks Calcowgirl!)

Arch-conservative Bay Buchanan suggested that it may not matter what McCain does. Writing in Human Events on June 4, she declared:

"In reality there is only one candidate. Barack Obama. In November he will win or he will lose. John McCain is relevant only in so far as he is not Barack Obama. The Senator from Arizona is incapable of energizing his party, brings no new people to the polls, and has a personality that is best kept under wraps."

And has no MONEY!!!!!!! And isn't going to get any from conservatives!

GOP Insiders Worry About McCain's Chances


“McCain became the presumptive nominee with 31% of the total primary vote. Winner take all, open primaries helped him become the nominee. He gamed the system. McCain was the only top tier candidate of either party not to win his home state by more than 50%. He won AZ with 48% of the vote.

Because the GOP nominated its maverick as the standard bearer, issues like amnesty, cap and trade legislation to address global warming, and drilling in ANWAR and offshore are off the table in the national election. Obama and McCain hold similar views. Amnesty will destroy this country with a stroke of a pen and cap and trade will wreck the economy. Some choice.”


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