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Sunday, June 29, 2008

John McCain's Whimsical World of Conservatism

Food for thought for the Hillary Clinton Wing of the GOP

by DoughtyOne

1982/00/00 McCain enters Congress, with his family accepts first of nine trips some aboard Keating's leer jet, three of which include stayovers at Keating's Caribbean resort (goes unreported for up to 7 years)
1983/09/28 McCain joins 26 other Republicans to vote with the Majority Party Congressional Democrats to demand U.S. Troops exit Lebanon, winds up on the losing side
1986/04/00 Cindy McCain and her father invest $359,100 in a Charles Keating strip mall
1987/00/00 McCain has received $112,000 by this time for Congressional and Senate campaigns, from Charles Keating, his relatives, and his employees, the largest amount to any Keating 5 member
1987/04/02 McCain joins four Democrats to intercede on behalf of his S&L Owner friend Keating with Ed Gray, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and also banking regulators (2 meetings)
1988/02/11 McCain votes to affirm Anthony Kennedy as a justice for the SCOTUS
1989/00/00 McCain discloses Keating trips as his involvement in the S&L scandal breaks, reimbursing $13,433.00 with no repercussions as late as seven years after the fact
1990/10/02 McCain votes to Confirm Justice David H. Souter from New Hampshire to be an Associate Justice on the SCOTUS Court
1993/10/10 McCain co-sponsors an unsuccessful bill to cut off funding of United States troops in Somalia
1993/08/10 McCain joins the Democrats and most Republicans voting to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the worst justice on the court today. Three Republicans vote Nay.
1993/01/13 McCain and Kerry release the Select Committee report urging the MIA issue be put to rest so that Vietnam could be granted normalized relations with the U.S., over objections by MIA family and veterans groups. Video1 Video2 ( I do not endorse all of the information presented in video1 here. The video does touch on a number of topics, and I think most are germane ) If I could have found video that contained most of this information without touching on McCain's POW experience I would have posted it instead. Still, there are parts of McCain's POW experience that are troubling. I'd just rather not go there. Video2 shows how one MIA family rep is treated, confirming some of the reports in Video1.
1994/07/24 McCain joins with the Democrats to confirm nominee Stephen Breyer to be an Associate Justice on the SCOTUS. Nine Senators voted Nay...
1997/00/00 McCain leads the opposition to the Coats Amendment, preventing government funded fetal tissue research ( derived from "a legal act" [abortion] ) Amendment defeated!
1999/08/19 McCain stated, ""Certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade,"
2000/00/00 McCain joins Democrat Russ Feingold to introduce Campaign Finance Reform, an effort funded by George Soros Article
2000/00/00 McCain was the keynote speaker at the ultra-liberal Philadelphia convention sponsored by George Soros while John F. Kerry keynoted at another Soros event on the same day...
2000/11/20 McCain participates in the production of a gun control spot for Oregon's Proposition Five. (Circa this date, prior to the November election.) Article
2001/00/00 McCain founded the Reform Institute funded by George Soros
2001/05/15 McCain introduces the Gun Show Loophole bill S890, with Carper, Lieberman, DeWine, Clinton, and Schumer co/sponsoring. Analysis
2003/03/19 McCain joins Democrats to vote against drilling in ANWR
2003/10/30 McCain joins Lieberman again, this time to introduce the Climate Stewardship Act (Gorebal worming et al) Thomas Bill S139
2004/06/04 McCain signs letter with 58 Senators, "We write to urge you to expand the current federal policy concerning embryonic stem cell research."
2004/08/05 McCain announces he deplores the Swift Boat adds against Senator John Kerry, and asks the White House to refute them
2005/00/00 McCain resigns from the Reform Institute he founded with George Soros
2005/01/28 McCain declares, "I want us in the ICC (International Criminal Court)", but I would like to see more safeguards first
2005/05/12 McCain joins Ted Kennedy to introduce McCain/Kennedy immigration legislation that would wind up making illegal immigrants citizens (AMNESTY!)
2006/04/28 McCain states, "I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected that has become corrupt."
2006/09/06 McCain joins Dole to write op-ed for the Washington Post, states in part, "We should publicly remind Khartoum that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction to prosecute war crimes..."
2007/02/17 McCain states he will close Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainment center on his first day in office Video (same as date link on the left)
2007/03/22 McCain gets the pledged support of Chuck and Sue Cobb, Jeb Bush's Florida Director of the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement effort
2007/06/00 McCain joins Baldwin, Shays and Meehan to file an amicus brief against the Wisconsin Right to Life organization brief The wrong side of a pro-life issue, helping pro-abort Feingold
2007/06/18 McCains Gitmo problem, close the base, grant Geneva Convention status, stop water boarding...
2007/10/25 McCain still wants us to sign the L.O.S.T. treaty in time, but does have concerns over sovereignty issues.
2008/03/00 McCain makes his first attempt to tell a state (North Carolina) Republican Party what to do. The RNC joins him.
2008/03/24 McCain hires Meg Whiteman to cochair his Presidential campaign. Whiteman is another wishy washy at best Independent, who has donated to leftist candidates and still doesn't have a clue what side to come down on with regard to illegal immigration. She is leaning toward running for Governor in California and being courted by it's Republican leadership. Links to CalCowGirl's comments regardint Whiteman's donations. Article above.
2008/03/26 McCains speech to the World Affairs Council, Europe may get veto power over some of our foreign policy...
2008/04/08 McCain casts last Senate vote during his Presidential Campaign. By the EOBD 06/24/08, he has missed 367 votes or 61.4% of the Senate votes in the 110th Congress. His last vote before the one he cast on April 8 was cast on 03/14/08. LINK
2008/05/09 McCains interview with O'Reilly... I won't drill in ANWR... it's pretty... I'm an environmentalist. (note: there's a good chance he may have an environMental disorder)
2008/05/12 McCain Joins the Goreball Worming Cult, sounding more like Al Gore every day... McCain's Oregon add Video
2008/05/13 McCain takes an Environmental walk, with the leader of the Cascade Land Conservancy... (another series of fruit loop moments)
2008/05/15 McCain states he will appoint Democrats to his administration, during a Republican teleconference and during a Columbus stump speech
2008/05/27 McCain announces support for severe cutbacks on our nuclear weapons, withdrawing battlefield nukes from Europe and giving our nuclear waste to an international body
2008/06/04 McCain states, "I disagreed strongly with the Bush administration's mismanagement of the war in Iraq."
2008/06/14 McCain tells Clinton supporters they should back him because he voted for Ginsberg and Breyer Said this to Conservatives on 2008/05/07
2008/06/21 It is announced McCain and Obama will address open borders group in Los Angeles on July 18th, 2008, Communists and worst of U.S. Illeagal Alien appologist groups...
2008/06/21 McCain and team realize he has so little credibility on judicial appointments, that they announce he will let Fred Thompson vet his judges. That's 06/21/08's version of truth...
2008/06/28 McCain declares, "I will make comprehensive immigration reform my “top priority,” during my first 100 days in office. He assures Latino leaders that they will have an ally in the White House.

Sat Jun 28 17:27:07 2008 by DoughtyOne
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