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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where's Johnny? AWOL, as usual.

McCain is said to be resting up for a few days. He's certainly been scarce. Must be nice to be so confidant. Yes, he's missed doing his job in the Senate to campaign for years, as well.

One has to wonder if it all isn't about 'attitude'. Tonight, 60 Minutes gave 15 minutes each to Hillary and Obama. Nice exposure. Any candidate would jump at the chance. They invited McCain. McCain can certainly use all the help he can get, especially to counter the democrats, since he appears to be the republican nominee. He declined, saying he had 'scheduling conflicts'.

Funny, that , since he took the weekend off.

Or try this contribution tonight, from the reader signed, Idaho:

"Rejected to-do list:

-- Lick a railroad track when its 20 below.

-- Shoot my foot with a 45.

-- Relieve myself on an electric fence.

-- Stick my head under a running lawn mower

-- Vote for McCain.''

AS distasteful as Grover Norquist is to many of us, he nailed the McCain rise. He is also now backing McCain.
"In retrospect, McCain may have been saved by his campaign meltdown last summer, says Grover Norquist, another prominent conservative activist and president of Americans for Tax Reform. "Had he stayed the front runner, the talk-show hosts would have had the opportunity to make a case against him," Norquist says. But they didn't realize he was making a comeback until New Hampshire and South Carolina, and "by the time they tried to make a case, it was too late."


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