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Thursday, February 07, 2008

VOTE SMART OR DON’T VOTE AT ALL! or why we can't elect conservatives

By TheTownCrier

Tonight my local CBS affiliate had a spot about the fact that the presidential candidates aren’t delivering voter information to the local party reps. The public is frustrated because they can’t get candidate/party literature to make their ‘informed’ vote. Give me a break! People don’t understand this is propaganda? Now let’s be serious, most voters don’t even go to that trouble. They may see a newscast that has shown only 4 candidates for the past month, or Colbert and Letterman. Yeah, like we need that vote! Ugh….

I’d say, after watching this current primary, there is an ineffective minority of us who actually vote based on a candidates record on issues or his/her (ack!) history. A famous dictator said, ‘It’s best for the leaders that the people are ignorant.’ Absurd outcomes of elections by electing the worst possible candidates don’t happen by accident. If people are not elected on their merits and ability to handle the job, why are they being elected? None of the answers are good.

Lets’ ignore the democrats for the moment. I don’t have the energy. John McCain is absolutely, without a doubt, the worst candidate running as a republican in this primary. The second worst is Mike Huckabee. Any of them, yes even Ron Paul would be better. Not that Paul is the answer, it’s just those two really are that bad.

We must find a way to increase the number of informed voters. I’m not talking about the people who vote out their childhood traumas….I’m poor…..I vote for the woman….I won’t vote for a Mormon….Mike Huckabee sounds like the fool I am….Tea will flow in Boston Harbor if Ron Paul is elected, .etc. Nothing can be done for them, they’ve existed before man voted and they’ll always be there to try to screw it all up for the rest of us. I’m talking about the good Americans out there who don’t go bonkers when you tell them something they don’t know. The ones who would vote intelligently if they could get the information.

They’re not on the internet, many don’t have cable, they read their local rag. They hang out with people who don’t know any more than they do. When you find how to reach them, you will solve the problem. We fall under the illusion that we are more informed than our ancestors. I’m not so sure. It was a hand delivered booklet carried over thousands of miles on horseback or foot that brought them the American Revolution. Those primitives elected George Washington, Thomas Jefferson….you know the routine…..ALL without TELEVISION! They could do it, but we can’t? That’s messed up.

Today I was contacted by 3 different groups all deciding they’re going to start a 3rd party by gosh! That’ll fix this mess! Oh……and how is anyone going to find out about these savior 3rd parties and their earthshaking ideas? CBS, CNN, FOX?…..Right! Thinking ‘party’ is what has us in this mess. If it has an ‘R’ beside it’s name, it must be all good! Yahoo! We’re all bent out of shape trying to defeat the Democrats --- Republicans can’t even defeat the Republicans in this election! We already have 2 parties that don’t function, we sure don’t need more. There are times for parties to grow, this isn’t one of them.

I got to show someone today ‘the real John McCain’ after she voted for him yesterday thinking they were electing a respected, conservative Senator and war hero. This person feels bad, real BAD! She read the ‘party’ literature and watches all the network news and reads a couple newspapers. But none of them are telling her the truth.

Think about this. The approval rating of congress is in the low 20’s. Eighty percent of the country thinks the House and Senate stink! The 3 ‘TOP’ candidates are all from the Senate, the slimiest elitist club ever known to man. Those three, McCain, Obama, and Hillary have been campaigning for the last 4 years instead of doing their job! Two of them are lawyers and that ought to disqualify them right off the bat. And McCain, well, he’s off the bat, too.

And someone wants to promote them? How does this make ANY sense?

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Feb. 3, 2008. Terry Anderson, "HUCKABEE SUCKS!"


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