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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank You, Duncan Hunter!

Rod Nehring, California Republican Party

Congressman Duncan Hunter lives just a few miles from me. We're both residents of San Diego's East County, a thoroughly Republican region where rugged individualism is popular and taxes are not.

In leaving the Presidential contest this weekend, Congressman Hunter wraps up a lengthy political career that brought common sense and reason to a Congress where it is often in short supply.

Politically, Duncan Hunter has been a strong Republican team player, yet one unafraid of bringing added attention to the issues he's most passionate about, with national defense and border security at the top of that list. As Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he always put support for the troops at the top of the agenda.

On behalf of the entire California Republican Party, we thank and respect Duncan Hunter for his service to his community and his country. posted by Ron Nehring at

Video Tribute To Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter... May God Bless.

Hunter's W. Va. Factor....
Before dropping his presidential bid Saturday, Duncan Hunter had been one of seven GOP contenders registered for the West Virginia Republican Party's Feb. 5 convention.

And though he had attracted four delegates to the state convention, none of his at-large candidates survived the recent voting

Thanks Candor7!


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Blogger The Protestant Stand said...

What a very good article.

Hey guys, This is spiritual. Not Personal. It's a turning Point in our Nation and in the Body of Christ in America. Get ready for the great and coming day of the Lord. PS:2,83. Joel.

When push comes to shove. Americans have made their choice. They don't really want change. No one will outlaw abortion, build a strong defense, defend our borders, stop the illegal invasion, and save the American work force more than Duncan Hunter. That would mean me revival, reformation, and reconstruction. People are too lazy and compromised to do anything but watch Television. Most People that like Duncan Hunter's are Christians. Strengthen yourself in God and his Holy Word Jesus. Live out your lives with fear and trembling. So get Holy. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and look up to clouds. The Lords return is near. God loves you. He will not forget the righteous. Including Duncan Hunter and His family. He would be the best president America ever had.

Revelations 21 and 22

I'm not voting for any one else but Duncan Hunter. So I'm not voting.

God Bless


7:01 AM  

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