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Monday, January 14, 2008

Huckabee is BAD news!

Mike Huckabee is BOUGHT and PAID for

Must watch.

THIS is what they want us to settle for. (New Huck Info!)

19 December 2007
Looking at the Republican field

Cato Institute’s Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2006.

Mike Huckabee, Republican Legislature: Democratic
Final-Term Grade: F
Final Overall Grade: D

Thanks to a final term grade of F, Huckabee earns an overall grade of D for his entire governorship. Like many Republicans, his grades dropped the longer he stayed in office. In his first few years, he fought hard for a sweeping $70 million tax cut package that was the first broad-based tax cut in the state in more than 20 years. He even signed a bill to cut the state’s 6 percent capital gains tax—a significant progrowth accomplishment.

But nine days after being reelected in 2002, he proposed a sales tax increase to cover a budget deficit caused partly by large spending increases that he proposed and approved, including an expansion in Medicare eligibility that Huckabee made a centerpiece of his 1997 agenda. He agreed to a 3 percent income tax “surcharge” and a 25-cent cigarette tax increase. In response to a court order to increase spending on education, Huckabee proposed another sales tax increase. Huckabee wants to run for the GOP presidential nomination next year. He’s already been hailed as a viable big-government conservative candidate by some. That seems about right: Huckabee’s leadership has left taxpayers in Arkansas much worse off.

Apparently the good folks in Arkansas had a rough time of it with Mike Huckabee: Big Government Conservative.

Huckabee was in line with these governors:

Montana Brian Schweitzer (D)* 47 F
Alabama Bob Riley (R) 47 F
Washington Christine Gregoire (D)* 47 F
Arkansas Mike Huckabee (R) 46 F
Nevada Kenny Guinn (R) 46 F
Delaware Ruth Ann Minner (D)* 44 F
North Carolina Michael Easley (D)* 44 F
Arizona Janet Napolitano (D) 43 F
Louisiana Kathleen Blanco (D)* 43 F
Ohio Bob Taft (R) 53 C
Kentucky Ernie Fletcher (R) 53 C
Maryland Robert Ehrlich (R) 53 C
Vermont James Douglas (R) 53 C
Michigan Jennifer Granholm (D) 53 C

"Flanked and supported by movie strongman Chuck Norris, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee told a roomful of Washington reporters Thursday that he will defend his effort to educate the children of illegal immigrants "even if it costs me the election."

Huckabee has been criticized by Mitt Romney and others in the GOP presidential race for supporting legislation in Arkansas that would have made all youngsters who graduate from state high schools eligible to compete for college scholarships, no matter what the legal status of their parents.

With Norris citing examples of children of illegal immigrants he has helped educate through his foundation, Huckabee declared that "my soul will not let me" compromise on that stand--despite the bill's rejection in his state senate.


Plagiarist Huckabee???

I was listening to Laura Ingraham talking with Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian yesterday . Huckabee claims Krikorian devised his ‘immigration’ policy for him. Mark said he had been contacted by several people and wrote up a brief ‘what had to be done list’, by no means a complete policy that was published some time ago.

Huckabee simply took that article, added little to it and implied Mark and Huck worked out this new ‘policy’. Mark has never worked with or endorsed Huck. Never. His supporters made it sound like CIS had worked with him on this and thereby endorsed him for Pres.

Krikorian says, [Well, at least he finally credited me with writing it]

Cool clips (Laura365) NEW! Mark Kirkorian on the immigration issue.(pay to play)

This seems to be the article Krikorian was talking about that Huckabee hijacked. Ten Points for a Successful Presidential Candidate

By Mark Krikorian National Review May 23, 2005


“I have created a nine point immigration policy that says there is a 120 day period in which people go to their home country and start the process from the back of the line. —Mike Huckabee, Republican Debate, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Jan. 10, 2008.

This isn’t coming from a Romney campaign release; this is the Washington Post”

“When the campaign announced the governor’s nine-point immigration plan on Dec. 6, it noted that it was “partially modeled” on Krikorian’s proposal three years earlier. But Huckabee took credit for the plan in the Republican debate on Thursday night, and Mitt Romney’s campaign is crying foul. A Romney “Fact Check” said that the Huckabee plan had lifted “whole sections of Krikorian’s editorial without quotes or direct attribution.”


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