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Monday, January 21, 2008

Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show!

Birds of a feather.......
Bill Clinton Welcomes Huckabee at MLK Church Remembrance

Brietbart ^ | 1-12-08 | Breitbart

Check out the video.

Sung to Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show

Cold January night.......
And the propaganda’s hanging down
And conservatives on the ground feelin’ beat.
Move up the road to the outside of town
And the sound of that good liberal beat!

Sits a ragged governor
Where there ain’t no truth,
And that gospel group tellin’ you and me

It’s Huck, Brother Huck, say
Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show!
Pack up anchor babies and grab the old ladies
And ev’ryone cries ‘cause everyone knows
Brother Huck’s lies.

Halle- Hallelujah......

Starting soft and slow
Like a small town hick
And when he lets go,
Half the country's sick!

It’s Huck, Huck Love, say
Brother Huck's Travelin' Salvation Show!
Take an old wrestler , a 'B' movie hustler
And ev’ryone goes, ‘cause everyone knows
Brother Huck’s flam flam show.



"Now that Duncan Hunter has withdrawn from the race, I have a case of Electile Dysfunction, the failure to be aroused by any of the other candidates" dit_xi


In the "CAN'T MAKE UP THIS STUFF" category.....

Mexico debate in Mesa turns violent

Lindsay Butler, Tribune

A Mesa resident was shot in the ankle and taken to a nearby hospital following a disagreement about which state in Mexico is better.

Jose Antonio Lopez, 17, and another man in his 20s whose name was not released were sitting in the living room of a home near Stapley Drive and Broadway Road on Saturday discussing which of their home states in Mexico “was the better place to live,” according to Mesa police.

The disagreement turned violent when Lopez's adversary pulled out a gun and shot him in the ankle. The shooter took off before police arrived.

Lopez was taken to the hospital with wounds that were not considered life-threatening, police said.

ME: HEY! If your home is so great it's worth getting shot over GO HOME!!!


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