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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Duncan Hunter on O'Reilly with Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham - Sub-Host for Bill O'Rielly, Representative Duncan Hunter, Tara Setmayer - Communications Director for Representative Dana Rohrbacher
Jose Campeon - Former Border Patrol Agent, Campeon and Inacio Ramos - Former Border Patrol Agents, Osvaldo Aldrete Davilla - Narcotics Runner, Johnny Sutton - U.S. Attorney

Larua Ingraham hosted this evening's show. Representative Hunter and Communications Director Setmayer were guests on this segment.

The discussion centered around the unjust nature of the prosecution, conviction and sentencing of Campeon and Ramos. Davila was the drug smuggler that one of the agents shot.

Johnny Sutton was the U.S. Attorney that seems to have played fast and loose with the implementation of justice in this case.

Ingraham, Hunter and Setmayer were stridently supportive of pardons for Campeon and Ramos. Sutton took some hits in tonight's presentation. It sounds like he deserved them.

Setmayer represented Representative Rohrbacher's office nicely. She seems to be a sound conservative, at least as it applies to this case. I was favorably impressed by her.

Thanks to DoughtyOne for this article & Photos.

See it on YOU TUBE here!


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