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Sunday, August 12, 2007

UPDATE List of Victims of illegal Aliens

See start of List here.

114-115. Tessa Tranchant Alfredo Ramos 2007 Virginia Beach
Allison Kunhardt's

116-117.Karlo Gonzalez, 14, Richard Toledo Jan.10, 2006 NJ
Zabdiel Gonzalez, 7

118-119. Audra Kaczur Nilssen Torres Paredes 12/07 NY
David Calogero

120. Paco Chavez-Tena Ever Alexis Flores 2004 Oregon

121. Dani "D.J." Countryman,15 Alejandro"Alex" Rivera-Gamboa 6/07 Or Gilberto Javier Arellano-Gamboa

122-124. Kernal Rehobson Pacific Islander NEOSHO, Mo. 8/12/07
& 2 other church membrs (perp name to be realeased)

125-127. Dashon Harvey, 20
Terrance Aeriel, 18
Iofemi Hightower, 20 José Lachira Carranza 8/4/07 N.J.
& 3 juvenile aliens


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