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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fatalites on US Soil by Foreign aliens since Sept. 11, 2001

A few weeks ago, I started listing victims of illegal immigration as I ran across them in news stories. This will be added to weekly. Curious from this random list of 113, that 8 are law enforcement officers and TOO many children. We're losing our civilization.

Oh, by the way, I've had a challenge out for months (maybe years) to those who scream 'racism' when we bring up the subject of murdered Americans by 'immigrants'. The question is how many illegal aliens have been killed by American citizens. I'm still waiting to see some reports on them! The rare occurances of this is usually a naturalized 'citizen' (usually a product of the last amnesty) involved in human smuggling.


Victim Perp Date Place

1. Adrienne Shelly Diego Pillco 10/06 N.Y.

2. Kris Eggle LEO Dionicio Ramírez López 8/02 Az

3. Bridges John Lee Malvo 10/02 Md, Va

4. Buchanan """""""""""

5. Charlot """""""

6. Franklin LEO

7. Lewis-Rivera

8. Johnson

9. Walekar

10. Ramos

11. Meyers

12. Martin

13. David March LEO Armando Garcia 4/02 L.A., Ca

14. Sierra Klug Preston Dean Douglas 6/02 Wa.

15. Marjorie Monnett “”

16. Holly Swartz “

17. Bruce Monnett “

18. Sister Helen Chaska Maximiliano Esparza 2002 Oregon

19. Wuilibaldo D. Antonio Porfirio Duarte-Herrera 5/07 LasVegas
Omar Rueda-Denvers

20. Frank Fabiano Jr. LEO Ezequiel Lopez 5/07 Wisconsin

21. Kevin Bryant 8 yrs Eli Alvarez 5/07 Wa.

22. Dacus Lamont Sims Luciano Melendres 4/07 N.C.

23. Matthew Watson 20 Never L. Navarro-Montoya 5/07 Md.

24. Jesus Resendez 15 Gabriel Cardona 2006 Tx.

25. Mariano Resendez “

26. Moises “El 23” Garcia “

27. Noe Lopez “

28. Monica Rivera, 26, Leopaldo Omar Diaz 2006 Fresno

29 Onesimo Sauceda, 26 “

30. Leobardo Ortiz “

31. Jose Cervantes “

32. Kent Boone Jose Pena 3/07 Calif.

33. Theodore Perez Ruben Perez Rivera 3/07 Az

34. Sheila Herring LEO Mario Roberto Keen. 1/07 Michigan

35. Laura Ayala 3 yrs Walter Alexander Sorto 2/02 Houston

36 Larry S. Baca ? ck 2002/3 Albuquerque

37. Daniel Ray Francis Serafin Sandoval-Vega 5/06 Ark
Manuel Enrique Camacho
Roxana Hernandez

38. Unborn baby/Teen mom Jorge Quintas 1/2007 CHicago

39- 44. 6 people - Auto Smuggler wanted 6/02 EL CAJON, Calif.

45. Rodney Johnson LEO Juan Leonardo Qunitero 9/06 Houston

46. Miguel Carbajal Marco Velasco & 5/07 Sacto
Jorge Chavez

47.-51 Jimmie Dotts Roberto Sixtos 5/24/07 NC
Melchor Macias
Garcia Rogelio Magana
Isidro Gabriel Ruiz
Roberto Sixtos,

52. Kevin Barnhill Enrique Torres (wanted) 8/06 Ohio
Jose Mota
Humberto Mota

53-57. 2 citizens/3aliens Raul Vargas-Rivera 2004 Tx

58. Juaquin Munoz-Cortes` Mario Munoz-Cortes 9/06 YORK, Pa

59. Brittany Binger age16 Oswaldo Martinez 2004 Va.

60. Florencia Martinez, 17 Latino gang-John Eric Garcia 5/07 San Antonio

61. Jose Vasquez Latino Gang 5/07 San Antonio

62. unident.stab victim Roberto Martinez Pedraca-Carillo 5/07 Fla.

63. Tyler Evans, 4 Christian Javier Sanchez-Rubio 8/06 W. Va.

64. Iriana DeJesus, 5 Alexis Flores (warrant) 8/2000 Pa

65.-66 2 victims Robert Morales 2001 FBI MW LA

67-71 5 victims Rodolfo Flores-Albarran 8/03 Fla FBIMW
Gregorio Flores-Albarran

72. Gonzolo Gomez Anthony Javier Llamas(&rape) 5/07 Kansas/Tx
Maria E. Reyes & 2 others

73. Mark Edwin Lunsford Luis Alberto Salas-Juarez 2/07 MedfordOr

74. Dana Joseph Grauke Larry Lujan 3/05 Texas
Kacey Lamunyon
Eugenio Medina
75.-83. 9 victims Danny Fredy Ramos Mejia
Saul Antonios Turcio Angel 2004 thru 2007

84. George Alwyin Smith Michael Caldera De Latorre 6/07 N.C.
Ricardo Contreras

85. Alejandra Gutierrez, 10 Simon Rios 2007 Indiana

86. Joycelyn Gardiner,22 Victor Benitez 6/16/07 Tenn.

87, 88. Sean Wilson&Donna Wilson Gustavo Garcia 2006 Tenn

89. Nanuma Lavulavu Guadalupe Perez-Borjorquez 6/07 Az

90. Kelly Freidenberg-LEO 6/07 Woodburn, or

91.Clemencia Martinez Pascual Miguel Abraham Matias 6/13/07Ala

92. Oscar "Seco" Martinez, 14 Martin Jesus Carrizales Apr.16, 2005. Tx
Roberto "KK" Villarreal Amado Vasquez Jr.
Noel Vasquez

93. Alex Tsuji, 2 Maricio Salazar Dec 6, 2006 Tenn

94. Wayne & Michelle Hughes Raymundo Rojas Garcia 6/07 Miss.

95. Alejandra Trujillo, 7 Juan Trujillo Perez 6/11/07 Tx

96. Zina , age 12 legal imm. Terapon Dang Adhahn 7/07 Tacoma

97. Alex Munoz Marcos Munoz-Sanchez 7/15/07 SanDiego

98.-100 3victims drunkdriver alien 7/16/07 Eagle Colo

101. Carmen Espersen Juan Canizal 7/07 Apple Vly Ca

102. Kimberly Powell Rosendo Rosales-Corona 7/06 Oregon

103. Charlie Derrington Julio Villasana 8/1/06 Tenn

104 -107 Hana Yusuf Abdulaziz Ibrahim 7/07 Atlanta
Luna Tesfaye,
Mohammad Ibrahim

108. Mark Berkeland Antonio Alatorre-Garcia 2/07 Minn

109. Clarissa Vasquez Caldera, 8 David Raigoza Franco 7/07 Oregon

110. Enrique Jose Gomez Hispanic malewanted(drug) 7/07 Texas

111. Amanda Duran, 22 Gilberto Cruz Oct. 06 Colorado

112. Josue Contreras-Velasco,9 Pedro Gaucin-Canales 7/07 Salt Lake
Rebecca Hernandez-Velasco

113. Gregory Bailey- LEO Domingo Esqueda Feb. 26, 2006 Calif.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not hard to do your own research, of course you will find thousands of murdered illegal immigrants, unless you're naive and believe only illegals murder.

That being said, if your blog wasn't so one sided it would be a great source of info.

Try listing also illegals being murdered not only those by regualr US citizens, but those murdered in cold blood by USBP. I'm doing an article and unlike your blog, mine will show both sides of our immigration crisis.

In reality, don't you think instead of breeding hate with biased blogs, people should point out the truth from both sides and allow said reader to come to their own conclusion, afterall....the illegal population isn't going away anytime soon.

11:54 AM  

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