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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Deadheads: Free Trade, Globalism and the Grateful Dead


I only witnessed the phenomena once, in Eugene, Oregon about 15 years ago. The ordinary quiet college city was suddenly transformed into a vertical and horizontal display of psychedelic automotive wonder. We’d just arrived in town to visit friends and every street we turned on was full of them.

Deadheads. Adoring, if not addicted fans of the rock group The Grateful Dead, filled hand painted buses and vans. Some of them even had a passenger car welded to the top of buses going ‘double decker’. Driving pinched between the stoned drivers of these colorful unique vehicles reminded me of being a child riding along in a boat at Disneyland in the “It’s a small world” attraction with MUCH different music and no cute dolls, just hairy pitted, sagging breasted, single minded, loud, obnoxious hippies.

Over the years, having been involved in political forum discussions, a few posters have established themselves as self anointed experts on all things economic from trade to cheap labor. It’s always about the ‘bottom line’ and ANY means justify that end, whether ethical, moral, exploitive or illegal, just make that dollar and take it from anyone vulnerable that you can. And anyone who dares object to being the target of such less-than-honorable economic schemes is well, just useless and annoying, at best.

They are the ones that are always for any trade deal any where on earth pushed out of the White House and congress, current and past. They don’t really care what the endless mountains of pages contain save two things. Will it get them cheap labor and cheap imports? In other words can they eventually screw their own customers out of their jobs.

Globalism, not community is what matters and they don’t worry about the long term. These are the same type are who came to America and almost wiped out the herds of buffalo, just because they could. After the civil war they called them carpetbaggers. That’s why you never see this type in farming, crafting, building or anything that must depend on the future of a community. And they are just plain too lazy to indulge in honest work. But somehow they always manage to be in our faces to set us straight.

Deadheads. Dazed to the pain they cause in the world around them, blindly following their idolatry through town after town, leaving a trail of garbage and discontent. But they aren’t as harmless as the rock groupies. Our new globalist adoring Deadheads destroy industries, jobs, security, communities and lives.

And then they tell us how stupid, uneducated and unenlightened we are because we dare object that it is our pocket they are picking to pay for their instant monetary gratification.

Deadheads. Self indulgent, arrogant, rude and smelly. They’re just lacking the pretty colors.

It’s a small world, after all.


Blogger sum_r_grateful said...

GET REAL...when i toured with the DEAD and all those spooky hippies... the fellas i rode with worked 3 mos out of the yr in the pit of the NYSE ... they were traders ... both had MBAs from Columbia ... most TRUE DEADHEADS have degrees jobs and a life away from the DEAD .... stop pigeonholing folks you may see WHATS at the end of your nose .... TRY AND DISCOVER AMERCIA sometime .... its madeup of lot of colors .... paisley and tiedye included

4:04 PM  

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