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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sheriff JOE ARPAIO- no one does it better- LOL

From the Glenn Beck show 5/2/07

Sheriff, you are a common sense kind of guy. I have this from Maryland. It is a -- it`s a little brochure, a little booklet warning protect yourself from immigration rage. And it talks a little bit in the cartoon form exactly how, if the cops come after you and they`re trying to nab you for some crime you`ve committed, what your rights are and what you shouldn`t say so you get kicked out of the country.

Are you a little frustrated with some of the cities and the groups that are actively trying to thwart you enforcing your own laws that you have on the books in Arizona?

SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO, MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA: I`m the only one enforcing the new state law in Arizona. We locked up 550. It`s a felony. They`re going directly to jail. Also, we have the ICE training now, and my deputies are using a federal hat to arrest illegals. And that`s what we`re doing. If you violate the law in this county, you`re going directly to jail, not a free ride back to Mexico.

So all these critics can talk and complain, but I`ll tell you one thing, we`re going to continue to arrest people that violate the law.

BECK: You know, I have a friend who just moved down to Phoenix and he was telling me, and I was quite surprised, that he moved from Texas. And he said it`s not the same in Arizona. You`re in a dangerous place where people who are pro-illegal immigrant are borderline dangerous. Do you find that true?

ARPAIO: Yes, they don`t like this sheriff. And first of all, I have compassion for the Mexican people. I did serve four years as head of the federal drug enforcement in Mexico.

However, if you come into this county, you`re going to jail. Some people don`t like it. But they`re still going to jail. I have the gun and badge, and I`m going to continue to enforce the law.

BECK: I have to tell you, Sheriff, it`s just -- you don`t see people like you anymore. It`s really tragically sad, but you don`t see people who are just plainspoken and saying, "It`s the law and I`m going to enforce it."

Is it true that you sing to -- that you sing to people that you arrest for -- on illegal immigration every night?

ARPAIO: No, I give them bedtime stories. But everybody booked into our jail, they learn in English. I don`t teach my officers Spanish, so we sing -- they have to sing "God bless America" in the morning, the national anthem at night. They happen to be in the United States of America, and they happen to be in my jail. I run the jail. So that`s my policy.

BECK: All right. So you don`t sing, but you do have the prisoners sing?

ARPAIO: Yes. In English.

BECK: ... in English. Has there been any pushback on that? Because I`ve got to tell you, I don`t think I could get my kids in a public school to have to sing "God bless America" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" every day in school. Somebody would sue us.

ARPAIO: I haven`t been sued. Sometimes they sue me, they don`t like the 15-cent meals and the hot tents. I can go on and on. But I run the jails. We have almost 10,000 people in the jails. I want more. I want to be No. 1. We`re No. 2 in the nation.


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