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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On Immigration and being an American

Conversation on an internet political forum.....

Jveritas to AuntB : "I am against people like yourself who are attacking the President in every second of their lives and during times of war as if he is the enemy of the State. As I said, you hate President Bush more than you hate Bin Laden and you hate Jose the illegal immigrant more than you hate Mahmoud the terrorists.

Your hate Aunt B is blinding your heart, mind, and soul.

PS: I stand with what I wrote back January 31 2005.

To Jveritas from AuntB:

JV, you're like one of my children, who isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is.

It's not hate. I will admit to fear. I'm happy that you are so content with the status quo of our government that now exists in this country. You don't know my America.

The America that we had before you ever saw it. In fact there are many America's in this nation, and we all have our own cultures distinct from each other. But that's changing too.

I'm not even mad at the illegal aliens. I'm angry beyond words that laws are being passed represented as something else all together. That bills are being made into law that aren't being read by the legislators and the bill is written by foreign national special interest groups like LaRaza, who is being financed with OUR tax dollars!

I'm angry because we get a bill passed to build a wall, and they won't do it! And that this administration and others would not enforce our constitutional laws meant to preserve the integrity of this nation.

Fear and hate are OFTEN confused. Ask any of those Americans in Iraq protecting your rights. I only wish I had some way to put a little fear in you. You may think you escaped all the oligarchs, totalitarians, abusive regimes when you left your homeland. Don't be so naive to think it can't happen here. The bodies of my dead ancestors of 400 past years are buried in nearly every state of this great union who died fighting them. Foreign AND domestic. A lot of good LEGAL immigrant citizens fought and died beside them as well. Just as most good immigrants don't like one bit what this administration and Senate is doing this week. That's one reason I don't understand your attitude. As a legal permanent resident, illegal immigration ought to bother you too. Whether the 'leaders' can say it or not this AMNESTY will put illegal aliens ahead of you!

It is my duty as an American to complain and do anything legal in my means to stop any corruption in my government to preserve this representative republic or anyone who tries to shut me up with liberal insults. R's and D's be damned. I'm sorry you are offended by that.

We have two parties we can hardly tell the difference in because neither represent us or our representative government. Our founders warned us of political parties. I'm sorry you can't understand that. It worries me. I hope you do by the time you pledge allegiance as a citizen.

Do not ever again tell any of these good Americans that YOU know better than they what their country should look like and that they have no right to complain against this president or anyone else. What you grasp so zealously for, we feel slipping away.


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