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Saturday, May 19, 2007

More endorsements for Duncan Hunter '08!

In his Commentary, "Are top 3 GOP candidates real conservatives?" , Nick Bouterie

"When given the opportunity, Duncan Hunter has proven that he is the real conservative in the debate. Congressman Hunter challenges the issue of so-called fair trade, calling out politicians for allowing China to cheat the United States on trade, and has addressed the fact that job outsourcing does more harm than good for the country. Hunter spearheaded the construction of a fence along the southern border in San Diego County, which drastically helped cut down drug activity and crime. Meanwhile, his military background and record as chairman of the Armed Services Committee proves he will be aggressive against our enemies.

Duncan Hunter is the best candidate to bring back true conservativism to the Republican Party and preserve our traditional American society and businesses."

Nick also had a post debate observation on his blog.

-- Congressman Duncan Hunter also had a pretty good line regarding illegal immigration: “We need to be able to ask people when they want to come into America: Knock on the front door because the back door's going to be closed,” and also said regarding the government’s construction of only two miles of border fence since his fence extension bill passed last year, “The current government has a case of the slows.”

Once again, I still believe Duncan Hunter is by far the best of the bunch. He challenged the rest of the candidates to match his resume/personal connection regarding the War on Terror, which includes his service in the 75th Army Rangers, a position as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and a son who has served two tours in Iraq and is gearing up for a third tour. He addressed the need to speed up the rotation of Iraqi forces to replace the American brigades and relieve our troops of the heavy lifting in Iraq.

Congressman Hunter pointed out that he is more than just talk when it comes to enforcement of illegal immigration, citing the construction of a fence on the southern border of San Diego County, which drastically reduced crime and drug trafficking, and his authorization of a bill, which passed, to extend that fence across the rest of the U.S./Mexico border.

Duncan Hunter also spoke of reducing the tax burdens on the manufacturing industry, as only ONE manufacturer of our troops’ body armor is a U.S. company. Congressman Hunter stood by the argument the current outsourcing of manufacturing jobs and businesses overseas is harmful to the country and could soon have a very negative impact. He also addressed the need to reverse our current trade deficit by eliminating the current “free” trade agreements with China and defined the way China has been cheating on trade deals with the United States.

But as usual, the pundits and media will continue to concentrate only on the Big 3, and the 2008 Presidential Election will continue to be a popularity contest between highly bought-and-paid for politicians. If one of the current Big 3 has to win the nomination, I hope the winner is John McCain, though his amnesty bill needs to be shut down immediately.

Nick Bouterie is a landman for OGM Land Co. and author of The Conservative Cajun blog.


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