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Thursday, May 24, 2007

ETL! Bless your heart, Laura Ingraham! ENFORCE THE LAW!

ETL! That has become radio and TV personality Laura Ingraham's call to arms.
"Enforce The Law!", Laura is screaming with America at the United States Senate and Bush Administration to stop the lying about amnesty.

Congressmen are amazed how ticked off we all are. Cong. John Carter of Texas said he got 1000 calls yesterday, all against the Senate bill. Sen. Mitch McConnell stated his constituents were ringing the phones off the hooks and if they learned anything it was that the American people proved they "aren't shy" about voicing what they think of Amnesty.

Senator Bunning of Kentucky said he got 2100 phone calls and that only 100 wanted anything to do with it, and those calls were from a district organized to promote amnesty.

Today Laura had as a guest Robert Rector with the Heritage Foundation giving us the blow by blow of his research on the monstrosity of so called immigration 'reform' being hoisted upon us. Most importantly that the 'Z' visa is for life. Along with amnesty they've forgotten the meaning of 'reform'.

One problem Rector talked about was the drain this bill would be on the Social Security System. But a caller from San Francisco summed it up best. As an employee of the Social Security Administration she made some frightening observations. When these how-ever-many-millions of aliens are 'legalized', by whatever method, they are immediately eligible for SSI. Under SS guidelines, no one who does not speak English over age 40 is considered viable to learn new job skills and are automatically eligible for disability. They just have to say they are 'depressed', of course, with an interpreter, paid by YOU!

I'll say that again...when they hit 40 and haven't been required to learn English, they go on disability whether they ever paid in or not! And when you get SSI, you get food stamps, etc, ad naseum.

The good civil servant said there are already many Hispanic language web sites set up to guide their flock on how to apply. The SS offices are required to tell applicants where they can get help with applications. You can bet there are plenty in Arabic and other languages as well.
They will also have free legal services to get them through the process.

With Clinton we said the children were in charge.

With Bush we once thought the adults were in charge.

If we're smart enough to elect a Duncan Hunter, we could actually say the AMERICANS are in charge! And it's about time!



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