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Monday, May 07, 2007

Democracy is not a spectator sport! Mike Cutler

Important message from Mike Cutler about the first republican debate!

n watching the debate that aired on MSNBC I found many issues that concerned me. As you will see at the end of this commentary, both Mayor Giuliani and Senator McCain make it clear that they want "tamper-proof" identity documents to be issued to illegal aliens whose true identities and, in fact, even their nationalities, cannot be ascertained. As you will see, this makes absolutely no sense because the challenge is not to create tamper-proof identity cards but to create a system that has integrity so that our government knows what names and other identifiers including nationality should go on those cards in the first place.

Congressman Hunter finally raised the issue of the critical need to secure our nation’s border.

REP. HUNTER: You know, it’s a way to win, but we need to win the right way. And you know, about a hundred miles south of here is the — in my town of San Diego we built the border fence. When we built that fence, we had a border out of control, and we built that fence. And it’s a double fence, it’s not that little straggly fence you see on CNN with everybody getting over it.

We had massive murders on the border, massive illegal immigration, massive importation of drugs. I built that border fence. We brought down the smuggling of people and narcotics by more than 90 percent.

I think that there’s an implication in your immigration statement that the Hispanic community of California wants to have a secure border. And I wrote that law that extends the San Diego fence for 854 miles, across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, that the president signed in October.

One way to bring down crime in the state of California and every state in the union is to have an enforceable border.

That means let’s build that border fence. When people want to come into this country, let’s ask them to knock on the front door.

full report here.

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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