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Thursday, March 22, 2007

So, How many foreign guest workers do we have now?

The big battle is on! To Amnesty or not to amnesty, THAT is the question!
There should be a second question: How many guest workers do we have now?


Politicians can't tell you. The White House won't tell you.

So, how many foreign national 'guest workers' should be in this country at one time?

The figure of a million gets batted around a lot. Today someone told me we need 2 million.

Now, keep in mind, if the illegal aliens get their amnesty as promised by Pres. Bush and congress, we're talking around 20 million people, but only about half of those will be working. The other half will be on welfare, going to school, disability, pushing drugs, or part of the criminal class.

So, there's 10 million foreign 'guest workers' right off the bat here illegally. When legal, they will be able to bring their relatives as well.

And here is what we're allowing in legally NOW. The author of the house bill being introduced, REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ, has NO idea how many legal 'guest workers' we have allowed in, but he's writing a bill with no figures in mind. Sounds more like gambling to me.

Lou Dobbs Tonight/Broken Borders aired 3/22/07

Lou Dobbs: Let me just show you something, if I may. Because I get kind of curious about this. If we could, let's take a look at the number of people that come into this country legally every year. Can we do that? We'll look at full screen so the congressman can see this.

There's a lot of distortion here. I think it's important to get these facts out.

Two million people legally admitted to the United States each year. In addition - 14 percent of those, by the way, those people given permanent residency are from Mexico. Two million people legally admitted to the United States.
Four hundred thousand skilled foreign workers and their families receive H-1 visas each year.

Nearly 900,000 other legal foreign workers are admitted on some type of employment visa.
Six-hundred sixty thousand student visas are issued every year.

And 455,000 people given temporary employment transfers.

Help me out. What are we trying to do here? I mean, we have a lawful immigration system that brings in 2 million people a year, plus all of these other workers that overwhelms any other immigration system in the world. All of Russia, all of the European Union combined can't even come close to matching our immigration levels. And that's a population 40 percent higher than our own. Help me out.

GUTIERREZ: Well, I can help you out. I will look at those figures. I hope you -- It's a lot. I can't see them up on the screen. I can only ...

DOBBS: I was hoping you could see them?

GUTIERREZ: I can't. I can only look into the camera. I can't see them. I would love to evaluate them, Lou. Come back, talk to you some more about that. But my initial ...But kind of my initial reaction, is a lot of those people overstay their visas. We've got to stop that. And they are compounding the problem of undocumented workers. That's probably why a lot of them cross the border, they come here legally, overstay their visa.

We have got to deal with that, Lou. I want to deal with that in a very serious manner, that's why we need the biometric system. So you can't just jump from job to job. You need a system that you say, you know, this card, you can't alter it, you can't fake it, you can't counterfeit it.


Please contact the White House and your legislators and say NO to AMNESTY/and/or MORE GUEST WORKERS!!!.

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Blogger Vanishing American said...

I saw that segment with Gutierrez; I was astounded at how useless he was in making a 'case' for the amnesty, (as if there could be a case, anyway) but he had nothing substantial to say. He just played dumb (or was he playing?) when Dobbs asked him those questions.

I think the amnesty advocates and the open-borders crowd have no idea, and don't care, how many millions are here now or how many millions more the amnesty will bring here. The more, the merrier, is their motto.

8:28 PM  

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