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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Extremism breeds Extremism

TheTownCrier Editorial

We read this week that membership in the KKK and white supremacist groups are on the rise in response to the Illegal Alien invasion. Great ! Racist Clansmen now facing off the Klan with the Tan! Maybe like the rest of us, they grew tired of being told, "Go back to Europe, Gringo!"

The responsibility for the uptick in membership of these bigoted organizations falls directly in the lap of those who have insisted that our immigration laws not be enforced nor the border secured. We cannot bring in 20 million illegal aliens along with several million legal ones per year with out some societal backlash. That is an historical given. Forced, mass illegal incursions of different cultures never promote stability or prosperity for the population who must endure them.

Open border advocates have consistently badmouthed anyone, from the average citizen to presidential candidates, who has tried to deal with Illegal Immigration. They have steadfastly refused to allow anyone to deal with this crisis humanely, legally or timely. Now we witness what has sprung up to fill the void.

This is the ugly, radical balance that always occurs when common sense and the rule of law is bypassed for political power and wealth.

Extremism breeds Extremism.

Every time.


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