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Monday, February 26, 2007

Why God Gave Us Oceans and Borders


Whenever two or more divergent groups of people are forced to live together, usually because of invasion or government failure, there can only be one of two results.

Either a dominant group takes power, usually through violence, and kills off the other group or they learn to get along.

Historically, there is always envy, bloodshed, discrimination, human rights violations, to one degree or another.

Perhaps we should be more concerned with not forcing contrary cultures together in the first place. It is after all, the only way to avoid bloodshed.

What we should have learned from history is there is an economic, social, emotional, political price to be paid every time. Often to the point of wiping out entire cultures, races, wealth, customs and laws.

Being a “citizen of the world” may sound quaint, but we are becoming a world of nomads, with few of us even knowing where home is.

It’s why God gave us Mountains, deserts, rivers, oceans and borders.
Maybe there is good reason to just slow down and stay home.
Go Give Duncan Hunter (or your other sorry choice! LOL) a vote!

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