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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Message from "Century21Minuteman" <>

Subject: Son of friend of MMP board of directors MURDERED by illegal alien.
Date sent: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 12:13:20 -0800

Dear Americans,

The son of a co-worker of Marvin Stewart, a member of The Minuteman Project board of directors, was laid to rest in Long Beach today. He was murdered three days ago by an illegal alien, who allegedly stabbed him to death with a screw driver.

About 9,000 residents of the USA are killed annually by illegal aliens…roughly 1 per HOUR…25 per DAY…750 per MONTH. Since the Iraq war began almost four years ago, over 30,000 residents of the USA have been killed by illegal aliens in a combination of lethal crimes ranging from outright brutal murder to manslaughter.

That is more than ten times as many US troops killed in Iraq in four years.

The war on terrorism truly should also be waged within the borders of the United States of America.


Jim Gilchrist, Founder -- The Minuteman Project – A multi-ethnic, immigration law enforcement advocacy group.

Tyler's father lost his ONLY son.

His popular, outgoing 20 year old boy. Just weeks ago. To a drunk driving illegal alien in Palmdale, CA.


One of two memorials - at the accident site - dedicated to Tyler - Palmdale, CA

This father is a devoted family man. Robbed of his beloved son. What do you say to a father, to a family living this nightmare? WHAT?

Antelope Valley Minutemen, activists and the community came together to comfort this family.


Tyler was very well liked in the community. Above are four of his friends - the sign at left reads, "AN ILLEGAL KILLED MY BEST BUD."



Palmdale - young people turned out to support Tyler's family

When I spoke with this father - a strong man - he related how he and his wife are in shock. He talked about what a great son Tyler had been. Great friends. Smart. Fun and loving.

He said, "We can't believe he is gone..." then this father stopped speaking and wept.

The larger of two memorials to Tyler - you can stop by the memorial located at the corner of West 10th St. & Avenue O (just east of the Walmart/Sam's Club at 39940 W. 10th) Palmdale CA

The illegal alien attempted to leave the scene of the crime but was apprehended by Tyler's friends and bystanders.

Tyler's family and friends will closely monitor the court proceedings of the illegal alien, currently in custody.



At right, Cuban immigrant, Frank Jorge, founder of the Antelope Valley Minutemen, organized the rally


Campo Minutewoman at left &

SOS/AV Minutewoman - organizer of the Tyler Memorial Rally at right, Chelene


Minuteman Project National Spokesman, Raymond Herrera, second from left, and CCIR founder Barbara Coe to Herrera's left






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