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Saturday, November 18, 2006

FickleFingerOfFATE Award! Cong. Bennie Thompson, guess which finger!

Meet Cong. Bennie Thompson, (D), who will now head the Homeland Security Committee in the house of representatives, an outspoken opponent of any border fence/enforcement bill.

Jim Pinkerton
puts it this way, " Thompson was one of those 138 members of Congress who voted against the wall two months ago. And just on Monday he told UPI that he was planning to "revisit" the wall issue, adding that he was more inclined toward a "virtual wall" - monitors, cameras and other surveillance systems. The question, of course, is whether Thompson's concepts of "revisitation" and "virtualization" are just sly code words for "elimination."

We had a moment of good news when illegals were demanded by Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD) North Carolina hog slaughtering plant, to present valid ID to keep their jobs.

Immediately, Thompson sent a letter to the Cintas firm in California telling them they were being racists! Now we hear the Smithfield Packing plant has reached an agreement with the protesting workers that has enabled "all" employees to return to work beginning today. Supposedly they will be given more time to correct the SSN issue.

Thompson and his democrat cronies and the White House have every intention of doing away with the 700 mile fence just passed into law. They want a "virtual fence". One that will be ripe with pork and overspends because the money will be handled by David Norquist, brother of Grover, who seems to dictate immigration policy for the Bush Administration. David was promoted to head the spending at DHS, after managing the billions of mishandled spending for the Defense Dept.

Contact info:


The Committee on Homeland Security
U.S. House of Representatives
Office: (202)226-4817
Fax: (202) 226-3399

Here is the Lou Dobbs discussion about this last night.

In San Jose, California, Cintas put six workers on unpaid leave when their Social Security numbers turned up bogus, something that prompted a warning letter from the top Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee.

ROMANS: Congressman Bennie Thompson sent a letter to the Cintas CEO warning him against potential discrimination. Now, it is illegal to knowingly employ illegal aliens, and there is nothing more color blind, Lou, than a Social Security number. When that match comes back negative there is no color involved.

DOBBS: And there is -- well, there are maddening, frustrating issues facing this country, but nothing really tops illegal immigration in this country. Bennie Thompson, who stands to chair the House Homeland Security Committee, having the effrontery to send that letter is absolutely idiotic.

ROMANS: Cintas says that letter came right out of the blue. No phone call saying, what's going on there, what are you doing, give me some background on this. He said it was a letter that fired off a warning right away.

DOBBS: Talking about discrimination, when in point of fact, laws of the United States are being violated. That company trying to move into conformity and he sends an intimidating, threatening letter to a company like that?

I mean, he ought to be ashamed of himself, and at the very least, he owes the American people and that company an explanation. And, indeed, the Homeland Security Department, because he is actually trying to impede the enforcement of those laws.

Smithfield facing protests from illegal alien workers, protests from a union? What in the world are they doing?

That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight. Our question is simply, do you believe Smithfield Meat Packing is racist and discriminatory in requiring that employees have valid Social Security numbers? We're just curious what you think. Yes or no?

NOTE: 98% say these legal actions are NOT discriminatory!


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