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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Posts of the Day-Best of the Web - Immigration

The Mexican concept of Aztlan. Glorious!

This must see video has the voices of the Aztlan leaders, many professors in our universities and elected official. LISTEN UP!!


Andrés Oppenheimer : Migrants' remittances not all good

[snip] But at the meeting of mayors in Miami earlier last week, United Nations and Colombian national police consultant Hugo Acero Velásquez said that not everything about the remittances is positive: The massive migration of Latin American men is leaving behind fatherless children, who often grow up raised by grandparents tending to be too permissive.

As a result, millions of children are growing up on the streets. In countries with high youth unemployment rates, they often end up doing criminal jobs for drug-trafficking or other organized-crime gangs, other experts said. According to the latest World Health Organization figures, Latin America is the most violent region in the world after Africa. It has an annual average of 19 violent killings per 100,000 inhabitants, more than twice the world average.

"Getting $50 a month can turn you into a bum," says Raul Benitez, a Mexican visiting scholar at American University in Washington. "In El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, you often see a complete destruction of the family structure. Women or grandparents are in charge of raising the children, and there is a total absence of the father figure."

Street crime in Latin American cities is reaching alarming proportions. And in some cases, the root of the problem may lie in absentee fathers who connect to their children only through wire transfers, or an occasional box of sneakers.
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Wisdom in history from my cousin:

Captain Lucien Burr Bell
became delegate representing the Cherokees in Washington. When he testified before the House Committee on territories Bell was asked, what is your trade, calling, or occupation?" He replied: "various things, I practice law a little, farm some, run for office occasionally, now and then take a hand at poker and never miss a horse race if I get to it. The rest of the time I spend in trying to fool God like you white folks do." They couldn't forget Bell's statement easily.


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