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Monday, October 09, 2006

Mexico May Take Fence Dispute to U.N.

The Associated Press

Monday, October 9, 2006; 10:22 PM

PARIS -- Mexico's foreign secretary said Monday the country may take a dispute over U.S. plans to build a fence on the Mexican border to the United Nations.

Luis Ernesto Derbez told reporters in Paris, his first stop on a European tour, that a legal investigation was under way to determine whether Mexico has a case.

"So here we have a corrupt government in Mexico calling on a corrupt international organization of thugs, despots and America-haters to thwart the United States government's actions to protect the American people. " Jim Kouri

Now most people say, " Well, Mexico can pound sand, they don't have a leg to stand on".

Okay. But this is the UN and what if this administration doesn't bother to defend our right to build a fence as security like they did with Isreal?

Israel defiant in wake of UN vote against barrier

from the October 23, 2003 edition

A 144 to 4 approval of the measure Tuesday signals widespread condemnation of the wall.
The Christian Science Monitor from the October 23, 2003 edition

The US and Israel were joined by the Marshall Islands and Micronesia in voting against the measure; 12 countries abstained. [snip]


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