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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Meet Lee Morgan, the Serpico of the Desert

Lee Morgan was interview by Lou Dobbs/CNN 9/18/06

DOBBS: Retired customs special agent Lee Morgan has been nicknamed the serpico of the desert for his efforts to expose rampant corruption on our border with Mexico. Morgan says this nation's border has become one of the most violent, corrupt places on earth. He's written a provocative new book exposing the real truth about this nation's border crisis. The book is entitled "The Reaper's Line: Life and Death on the Mexican Border."

Let's start out with the fact that it's become the most violent place on earth. That being the case, why aren't more people focusing on that very fact?

MORGAN: Because we have the war going on in Iraq. So that's -- there's some issues there that are taking precedence, naturally. And other than that, we don't hear enough in the news media these days about the dying that is going on on the Mexican border. I don't know why.

DOBBS: We are assailed by what I call socioethnic centric special interest groups who can't believe we're focusing on the border with Mexico. They want to say it's racist to be concerned about the security of that border, it's racist to be concerned about massive illegal aliens invading this country.

But the fact of the matter is you've lived on that border, you know the power of the drug cartels, the deaths. I mean, the murders that have taken place just so far this year across that border are incredible.

MORGAN: Absolutely. And during the course of my years down there, just in one investigation alone, there was about 25 bodies that were found. There was 11 or 12 dumped at one time into a well.

So.... it has not gotten any better. In fact, I was talking to a journalist that was down in Mexico just a week ago and in one of the local bars down there a drug cartel walked in, threw five severed heads onto a floor as warning to another drug cartel.

DOBBS: Which is what happened just south of San Diego just about two months ago. "The Reaper's Line," important examination of the violence and the corruption on both sides of the border and it is something that everyone should really understand about Mexico. By the way, the U.S. State Department has just issued another travelers alert for Americans and the beat goes on. May we thank you for being here, Lee Morgan.
Editorial Reviews
The Reaper's Line
From Publishers Weekly by way of AMAZON
The U.S.-Mexican border is one of the most violent places on earth, writes retired drug enforcement agent Morgan. He makes his case over 500 pages of gunplay, fisticuffs and bloodshed interspersed with profanity-laced denunciations of rival agencies and clueless Washington officials who believe they understand illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Having enjoyed serving inVietnam, Morgan sought similar adventure in the Border Patrol and the Custom Service's drug enforcement service. Working mostly in Arizona, he found corrupt officials and Border Patrolmen cooperating with corrupt Mexican officials, police and soldiers to transport drugs and people into the U.S. Still, he and fellow officers intercepted countless shipments, which the author recounts in excessive but lively rounds of shootouts, car chases and murder. Reforms that created the Department of Homeland Security and shifted antidrug enforcement to the Border Patrol are disastrous, he asserts, because the patrol is hopelessly corrupt. ...... Despite the incessant fireworks and macho prose style, the book provides a thoughtful view of these issues. (Snip) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book Description - A true story of violence, drugs, human smuggling and dirty politicians along the Mexican/American border.

When he was 14, Lee Morgan learned to shoot a rifle from a young Marine who later became the "Texas Tower Sniper." Four years later, Lee was conducting CIA assassination missions in Vietnam. Then he spent the next 31 years on the U.S.-Mexico border as a federal agent, where the struggle against smugglers of drugs and starving human beings is as harrowing as anything Lee encountered in Vietnam.

The Reaper's Line is a non-fiction account of unparalleled official corruption, mass murders, gunfights, treason, betrayal, and government wrongdoing.


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