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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm in Hell! This CANNOT be America! Illegal aliens will save the environment!

(photo - Rene Buehl, a National Park ranger, shows some of the fertilizers used to speed growth of the marijuana.)

The "Latino Congress" convened with remarks by California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez about the "environment" and how important "latinos" are in that movement..........Don't you love the way some of "our" elected officials ONLY address people of a certain ethnicity who are mostly illegal and ignore the rest of us?

Up is down and down is up in the world of the OBM - OpenBorderMinority! Do not forget they are a minority! 80% of this nation votes every poll against illegal immigration and this invasion into our National Heritage! We are going to have to be concise and truthful in our language, because this bunch is butchering it with their lies and distortions. And YOU are letting THEM control this debate.

Those who show up, rule the world. And they're showing up in millions. We are out of time.

We have been writing for months about the destruction of our National Forests and all public lands by massive marijuana farms of Mexican drug cartels. (Anyone remember those national monuments, Clinton pushed and then Bush blessed on many private property owners??) This is hundreds of thousands of acres of "protected" public lands, with endangered species being harmed far beyond ANY farming or logging operations that once sustained the Northwest before the rabid, litigation loving environmental groups like the Sierra Club changed it forever.

Instead, those popular enviro groups now support amnesty,open borders and the wholesale ruin of our natural resources and stand with the invasion and George W. Bush, et al.

In my lifetime in the Pacific Northwest we've seen 2 invasions. First the big city people came to escape their hell and transformed our heaven into the liberal, dirty place they left. We could no longer log or farm, we can't even thin the brush but are forced to let it burn the entire forest to the ground instead. Today there is a haze of smoke to end the view.

The smoke hides the pot farms on thousands and thousands of acres of "protected monuments", endangered species, etc. and every cent will finance Mexico's crime families. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Chemicals and fertilizers, that we outlawed years ago, are washing down into the cities water systems, destroying fish habitat...and on and on. I know of 5 local non profits that "protect" natural watershed. They are all silent.

Four farms were spotted by air yesterday near Applegate, Oregon and law enforcement went in. Instead they found 10 farms of hundreds of acres each after they entered the steep terrain.

We are watching the beauty and culture of No. California and So. Oregon disappear.

And for what? Someone tell me what GOOD reason there is for this?

It's going on in Arizona, New Mexico, other states, any pristine land they can find and the local law just cannot fight it. That's all any of these sheriffs can do any more. We are unprotected. And that is why the cartels and MS-13 gangs are here. Homeland Security says it's not their problem.

Read the article below and contact this political hack, environmental groups, and the author to let them know what impact illegal "latinos" are really having on the "environment". The Mexican border area has been so badly compromised it may never come back.

SUMMIT: Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez puts global warming into a public health context.

Saturday, September 9, 2006 By JENNIFER BOWLES The Press-Enterprise

The man behind California's recently passed landmark bill to curb global warming said Friday that he hopes Latino voters will take an active role in the issue and help put it on the national agenda for the next presidential election.

"Climate change is a reality, and it puts in danger our sustainability," said Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, D-Los Angeles.

"It should be of special importance to Latinos because Latinos for the most part live in the inner cities and are exposed to many carbon-based gases (from industries), which not only impact the environment but public health."

Nuñez made his remarks to reporters after addressing the National Latino Congress, billed as the first major summit of Latino leaders and community members in nearly 30 years.

The four-day event in downtown Los Angeles devoted Friday to examining environmental issues, with much of the talk focusing on global warming and praise for Nuñez's role in leading the charge.

"It's great to have such a strong leader and one who can speak about the issue in both English and Spanish," said Irma Munoz, president of Mujeres de la Tierra, an environmental group that is taking part in a revitalization of the Los Angeles River, among other projects.

Nuñez said after his address that he was always an activist and had a good voting record on environmental issues but had never taken a strong leadership role on an environmental issue before. [snip]

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