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Monday, September 25, 2006

Any real 'republicans' hanging around?

Thanks for finding this Willie Green!
American Daily

By Malcolm Hedges (09/24/2006)

I keep looking and looking and have had not much luck.

Progressive Left-Wing Socialist whackos are just about everywhere, as are the RINO's and CINO's.

"So big deal" mutters some soul in the background.

Yes "BIG DEAL"! Between the Progressives, RINO's and CINO's, Elitists our country and government is in grave danger.

"W" is quietly working on the "North American Union"(NAU). Our Senators are embracing the same scheme.

Progressives can be excused, because they are 'edukated' and so have no common sense or social logic.

The rest are just political opportunists that are only interested in their own personal wealth and social standing.

Everything revolves around 'the beltway' and New York?

New York is a city without real people, the world in and around 'the beltway' is the same!

Watch any TV offering that 'covers politics' or read any 'such news publication' and it is totally dedicated to these two political hangouts.

This mess of people have no concept of any other USA, they consider us the 'unwashed', 'trailer trash', 'bumpkins' that are below them and should only be catered to when they need a vote.

If you want to continue to live in "The United States", get off your rear and raise some political hell!

Otherwise, you will suddenly find the NAU and the UN has taken away your freedoms and property!

When it is gone, it will be a real problem trying to get it back (if at all).


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