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Monday, August 28, 2006

Social Security for Illegal aliens, but American citizens wait years!

There has been a lot (but not enough!) of discussion about the Bush Administration Mexican Totalization agreement whereby illegal aliens will qualify for disability/retirement benefits with a fraction of the time worked that citizens must have. And to pour salt in the wound, the Senate "immigration reform" that would simply break the SS bank.

One day you or a loved one may need to apply for your Social Security disability benefits. Things happen, people get hurt or sick. And most people have no notion what bureaucratic nonsense you will face.

Look at this petition to reform SS disability. And, no, I'm not talking about private savings accounts as reform, I'm saying THIS MONSTER NEEDS TO BE KILLED! You may wait years for the SS Administration to get around to qualify you for benefits. It won't matter how many decades you worked or how sick you are. And you will have to hire an attorney, the system counts on it.

Read the testimonies of veterans who are denied year after year, people who have lost their homes or have died before SS could bother with them.

Mary in Florida: why is it that those who come to this country can get our benefits faster than we can?

Susan in Indiana: Perhaps this country needs to have their eyes opened yet again by how people are treated/living while waiting for SSD/SSI. This is also horrific!!! I think people in general have a blind eye towards things that make them feel uncomfortable. Especially the Government! For this might mean taking a closer look and having to fix a broken system, rediverting funds from pork barrel projects to actually helping the very people that put elected officials into office. Lord forbid!

Ash in Ohio:my mom was a nurse for 23 years, she's payed into the system all her life. Now she needs the services that she payed for and they're refusing to give back... If this is indicative of how much the US Government cares about the people that elected them, then I suppose it's time to move to another country

Clarence in S.C.: my wife and i are fixing to loose everything we own.I applied for disability on sept.2004. I worked for 38 years and am a honorable navy veteran.We have never been on welfare. I have been turned down twice and am waiting for my case to be assigned to a law judge.

Jean in Wisc.: Quit treating us like we are not a citizen of the U.S.

Claudia in Tenn: Our gov't should start taking care of AMERICAN citizens FIRST! WE are the ones who pay the taxes, and disabled citizens should be able to access the benefits faster and easier.


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