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Friday, August 18, 2006

Quote of the Day / Best of the Web ( Illegal Aliens)

"In my humble opinion, if the United Nations succeeds in destroying America, it will be no small satisfaction that at least there’s a s**t load of illegal aliens that will go down with us."

"In my humble opinion, George Bush will be immortalized in Mexican history as The Gringo President Who Let Us Steal America. Someone should tell George that America should no more be everybody’s country than Mars should be everybody’s planet."

"In my humble opinion, the most dangerous thing about George Bush is his determination to appear reasonable. American blood is being pumped into the gutters of Baghdad, while the Bush Administration is busy turning the Alamo into another Taco Bell. " Norman Liebmann

"Oh , For heavens sake ! Blood and soil has been used by every decent American in one sense or another since 1776. We are human beings !! Our dead are buried in certain places !! We have memories of home , of places , of locations , of kinfolk , farms, ranches, Churches and yes, even a whole country. Free Republic has been taken over by kids and neo-con, smart-alecks, that couldn't tell a guest house from a whorehouse, or a serious comment from a Shakespearean pun !!" 33 posted on 08/16/2006 8:29:53 AM PDT by okiedog

"You are dead on correct. Race baiting (injecting race into a debate where it has no legitimate place, for the sole purpose of heightening and exploiting racial tension in order to stifle the debate) is one of the most virulent forms of racism."

"This is the irony of the whole situation--Mexico sucks, so the illegals come to the U.S. , a place as close to paradise as any on earth, to escape Mexico, which sucks, and then they want to turn this country into Mexico, which sucks." 24 posted on 08/02/2006 by rottndog


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