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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pardon me, but this is BULL CRAP! Citizens attacked in Maywood!

(photo: - see more here of Maywood! - Note Mexican flag flying above Post office - upper left)
(photo:The Chicano Moratorium links Struggles in Palestine and Aztlan as hundreds march on the streets of East LA)

First, watch the video from YOUTUBE.

A peaceful rally of US Citizens, lead by in the sanctuary city of Maywood, California, was disrupted by violent pro illegal alien disruptors. The goons pull the same violent game every time any US citizens protest or rally, and most cities don't care!

People! If you do not DEMAND protection from law enforcement and enforcement of our immigration laws this country is GONE.
Do you understand?
You have lost the right to peacefully assemble, because the LAW will NOT protect you from criminals. And it is because YOU remain silent and condone this anarchy! You're children are going to die. That's the bottom line.

This is a snip from a VERY biased media report.
" *Sat., 2:00pm Counter-protesters raise Mexican flag up Maywood post office flag pole Caller reports 100 counters and 30 SOS-MM still facing off in Maywood near post office. A small group of counters have replaced the US flag at Maywood post office with a Mexican flag. Police tried to pull the Mexican flag down but the ropes got stuck and it still flies at this time.
  • Sat., 2:20pm - Anti-immigrants being escorted back to their cars by police. Anti-immigrants are being escorted back to their cars by police now. Some Counters moving to follow.
  • Sat. 3:00pm – Maywood protest winding down. SOS-MM are gone. Counters dispersing. No arrests reported."
  • From the same source, is this "inspiring" story about yet another Latino march. (See photo above)
    Now think about this......Latinos have joined the anti war movement along with the rest of the socialists/anarchists/criminals. There is NOTHING about the USA except what they can bleed from it that interests them!
    Chicano Moratorium March Draws Hundreds Aug. 26, 2006
    Hundreds marched down Whittier Boulevard, retracing the steps of the Chicano Moratorium's march against the Vietnam war, and attended the 36th anniversary rally and celebration, at Salazar Park. Naturally, this celebration was also a protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and against the militarization of the border, and increasing sweeps of mesoamerican workers at their workplaces and homes. The Chicano Moratorium links Struggles in Palestine and Aztlan as hundreds march on the streets of East LA.

    One of the leaders of the CER, a former JROTC cadet, spoke out against military by saying, “I will not be a soldier for Yankee imperialism!” and “I will not fight the White Man’s war.” He then continued to say “this is for la Raza” as he pumped his fist in the air.

    Amongst the crowd, members of Union del Barrio lead the marchers in chants that included, “Raza Si, Migra No,” “Esta es Mi Tierra, Esta Es Mi Lucha” and repeated Chants of, “Que Viva Mexico, Lebanon, Palestine, Cuba y Venezuela.

    Just as the first Chicano Moratorium that made connections between Yankee imperialism in Southeast Asia and Raza Oppression here at home, Raza today is making the connections again; only this time the connections are between Yankee/Zionist imperialism in the Middle East and Raza oppression throughout Latin America.

    Protesters made clear their opposition to the US invasion of Iraq. In the spirit of Muhammad Ali, Vicente Jimenez, a member of Somos Raza and CER, stated, “Ain’t no Iraqi, Ain’t no Palestinian, ever call me an illegal.” His statement clearly pointed out who was La Raza’s true enemy and natural ally. ”
    Some posters said it best:
    "So what's it going to take folks? A dead demonstrator? Put the Godamn remote control down, help save your country. It will be way too late if Bush and his Globalist cronies get their way."

    "I want everyone to think about how serious this is - our fellow citizens were attacked for walking down the sidewalk in an American city carrying an American flag. Is this what our soldiers fought for?"

    I survived MAYWOOD 2006 and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt!!!"


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