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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

MEChA Mass Murderer Has Ties To Marcos Aguilar

Transcript of The Aztec Al-Qaeda Video [snips] MUST SEE!

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NARRATOR: Marcos Aguilar, the Principal and founder of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo school and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are both former members of the UCLA chapter of MEChA.

Antonio Villaraigosa and Marcos Aguilar

MEChA was founded for the sole purpose of radicalizing young Latino students with a hatred for America, Chicano pride, and separatism.

Returning the American Southwest to Mexico was the stated goal in the late 60’s when MEChA was founded but today they seek nothing less than control of the United States either by ballot box or by armed revolution.

While Antonio Villaraigosa was President of the UCLA Chapter of MEChA, he engineered the removal of the director of the Chicano Studies Center. Antonio claimed the director was “trying to alter the concept behind Chicano studies” by refusing to include the Communist Chicano group “National Committee to Free Los Tres.” Antonio demanded Communist inclusion within UCLA’s Chicano Studies Center.

Antonio Villaraigosa (aka Tony Villar) 1974

In 1993 as a member of UCLA’s chapter of MEChA, Marcos Aguilar, along with other Chicano radicals trashed the Faculty Center causing $50,000 in damage. Marcos and 9 other students then went on a two week hunger strike demanding that the Chicano Studies Program be given departmental status. They sought the creation of a Chicano studies major at UCLA and eventually the school Chancellor gave in.

When I was a high school teacher at Garfield High School, one of the largest high schools in the United States. Most of the Mexican children there had lost a sense of identity. Because, it’s own administration and the general policy of the LA Unified School District is in fact to Americanize Mexican and African American children in Los Angeles. And they would argue that that’s good. I believe that that’s not good.

NARRATOR: Today Marcos Aguilar runs his own charter school for grades K through 8. The school is funded by state taxpayers and the National Council of La Raza, or “The Race.” Most of the students are the children of illegal aliens. They are taught Chicano pride, Aztec mythology, and Aztec math. The school teaches primarily in Spanish, but it also teaches Mandarin and the ancient native language, Nahuatl which is now used by members of the Mexican Mafia.

MARCOS AGUILAR: Nowhere in the constitution of the United States or in the Declaration of Independence does it say that because you come here that you know have to become an American.

NARRATOR: The school teaches a hatred of America and ethnic segregation. English, math and American history take a back seat to Danza Azteca, a traditional form of Aztec Indian dance.

This is Marcos Aguilar beating the drum on July 4th, 1996, Americans that gathered to celebrate Independence Day and rally against illegal immigration. Marcos Aguilar was there along with other Chicano radicals in protest.

Marcos Aguilar in 1996. Aztec warrior or Vegas showgirl?

BROWN BERET: And we claim this land is ours. It’s always been ours, and we’re still here. And none of this talk about deporting. If anyone is gonna be deported it’s you.

NARRATOR: American citizens were brutally attacked by illegal aliens and Communist Chicano radicals.

MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: When the officers departed. Then, all hell broke loose.

MAN IN T-SHIRT: This is what they do to American Citizens. They destroy us. They hurt us.

MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: They just hate America and anything America stands for.

CHICANO RADICALS: We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us. Who’s the illegal aliens? Pilgrims!

MARCOS AGUILAR: The United States is who is the immigrant here. Not us.

NARRATOR: Marcos’ school earned the lowest possible scores on the statewide Academic Performance Index, meriting a 1 on a scale of 10. It also ranked the lowest out of all the charter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

MARCOS AGUILAR: They may not score the highest on the API tests. But the success there is that they didn’t commit suicide and that they graduated from high school.

NARRATOR: The Semillas school has only been in existence for 4 years and until recently it only taught up to the 5th grade, so none of Aguilars’ students could have graduated yet. And when you consider the abysmal test scores and that 63% of Latino’s in Los Angeles drop out of high school, it’s unlikely that any of Aguilar’s students will graduate.

If not committing suicide is a measure of success for Marcos Aguilar, then he must be extremely proud of his protégé Juan Alvarez seen here dancing beside him. Marcos Aguilar taught at Garfield high school where he met Juan Alvarez. This is a yearbook photo of Aguilar in the Danza Azteca group that he founded. On the opposite page is Juan Alvarez in the MEChA club.

Juan Manuel Alvarez in 1996

In January of 2005, Juan Alvarez parked his Jeep Grand Cherokee on the Metro link railroad tracks in Glendale, CA. He then stood by as an approaching passenger train smashed into it. The train derailed into another train traveling in the opposite direction and 11 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured.

11 dead, 180 injured

After the crash, Alvarez raised his arms into the air and fell to his knees. He than fled the scene and visited a friend from the Danza Azteca dance group. He poked himself in the arms and chest with a pair of scissors which at first had some believing that he had tried to commit suicide on the tracks. But the wounds were only superficial and eyewitness accounts along evidence at the scene pointed out that Alvarez had doused the interior and exterior of the vehicle in gasoline. He was hoping that his vehicle would explode on impact.

If Alvarez wasn’t trying to commit suicide, why did he leave his SUV on the tracks? And why did he poke himself with scissors, enough to bleed, but not enough to cause serious injury.

One explanation was that he was trying to get the attention of his ex-wife. Of course he could have bought her flowers if that was his intention.

It is reported that Juan Alvarez often dressed as an Indian in his everyday life, much the way Marcos Aguilar does. Perhaps a better explanation of why Juan Alvarez murdered eleven innocent people is because he took his Aztec beliefs to the extreme.

Juan Manuel Alvarez, the MEChA Mass Murderer

In ancient Aztec society, human sacrifice and bloodletting were primary forms of ritual.

The Aztecs accomplished this duty through human sacrifice and bloodletting. They would cut themselves until they bled.

In 2006, KABC reporter Sandy Wells was assaulted when he tried to interview Marcos Aguilar. Marcos refused to speak with him and as the reporter walked back to his car he was nearly run down by a vehicle that drove up onto the sidewalk. He was tackled to the ground by the driver and the audio tape was stolen from his voice recorder.

When news of the assault hit the mainstream press the school became notorious. Its unusual teaching practices and failing test scores were impossible to defend but Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a statement. He supported the school, and its teaching philosophy. Even though the school focused on Chicano Pride, a hatred for America, and racial separatism, he stated that it was protected by the First Amendment right of free speech.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truthfully, when I see comments that resort to name calling, I find myself thinking that person making the comment lacks the ability to express themselves intelligently so they resort to name calling out of their own frustration in not being able to express themselves. Either that or they really have nothing of importance they want to communicate and so resort to name calling to have something to say.

The sad thing about this piece is that it's all true. I challenge anyone to point to the parts they claim are not true and explain why said parts are not true. As for the territory you claim belonged to Mexico...have you forgotten how Mexico originally acquired the territory? Said territory did not belong to Mexico prior to Spain conquering Mexico. Spain conquered said territory in the name of the Mother Land...Spain. After Mexico won it's independence from Spain, Mexico decided to keep the territory for themselves instead of giving it back to it's original owners. It's great to rewrite history when it suits your purpose. If you're interested in teaching your children the truth, you should start by learning it first.

I personally think that most people have something to say that is worth listening to even if we don’t necessarily agree with their viewpoint. But, in order to get people to listen you need to voice your disagreement respectfully. Anything else will simply close their minds to what you are saying and more likely than not they will silently brand you with the terms that you applied to them.

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