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Friday, July 14, 2006

"Grandma, do you hate Mexicans?"

(photos - Marchs by illegal aliens and their promoters, Spring 2006, Various US Cities.)

I, and everyone else, active in the illegal immigration debate has been accused of being racist, xenophobic, nationalist, right wing whacko, etc. Any sane person would, by now, let the tripe run off like water off a ducks back. We consider the source, and it usually earns status only as a minor annoyance.

But this one was a stunner, big time. I hadn't seen my 13 year old granddaughters in nearly a year. We've never discussed this subject. But their own mother's " shame" about having a parent who refuses to ignore the reality of life became apparent. Unfortunately they have a father who could care less about any other human, would sell his soul for a dime and is too happily ignorant to have an opinion about anything. An entire household with not one member who knows anything of history, government, civic responsibility or human rights.

And this poor innocent child asks me if I "hate" another group of human beings?

I asked them if they had seen the marches of illegal aliens this spring on TV? They explained they're not allowed to watch the news, it will scare them. They talked about it at school.... Yeah, I'll bet.

And then I started getting the same PC sound bites that all the open border lovers spew.

"They really work hard, they just want to work."
(heart starting to pound)

I asked them how many kids go to their Jr. high that can't speak English.
"(groan)...who cares what they speak? They have the right. "
(palms sweating, hands shaking)

So, I tried in 10 minutes to give them years worth of information on our broken immigration system that their pubescent brains could handle. I can only imagine what they gleaned from it and are repeating to their parents at this moment.

How does someone like me raise a child, like the one I did, who thinks so differently? Sure, somehow in the end, it is my fault. I won't argue that. Lots of reasons, no excuses.

Neither will I let it stop me from doing all I can to keep this country the sovereign nation that our ancestors sacrificed life, home, property and each other to give us the incredible life of luxury that no other people anywhere, anytime have ever had.

I will not be still and quiet to satisfy the greed and ignorance of my living relatives who would humbly submit to marching into cattle cars or across a frozen South for "relocation". To do so would be to dishonor those of our own blood who sacrificed all for us for centuries on this land and the freedom we take for granted.

Someone MUST speak up, and it's apparent no one else in my family will. I don't know who wrote these words, but they speak a truth. I should have said them more often when my children were growing up. They all practice the "persuit of happiness" part and ignore the rest.

"As a child I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty,
I awoke and found that life is duty."

My children worry about me. Life would be so much easier if I'd "just get over it".
Benjamin Franklin lost his only son who sided with the British Empire.
The greatest diplomat in the history of the United States of America could not convince his own son to join him in the Revolution and the birth of the greatest , most welcoming nation in the history of the world. I find myself in good company. I wonder if Ben's son told him to "get over it"?

Just be on notice, dear family of mine, I'm not wasting my breath on any of you again. There are citizens out there eager for the truth, appreciative of what this nation has given them and saving YOUR country from becoming just another 3rd world banana republic.

Be a victim of history if you lke, I prefer to be a participant in the future of my children. You are free in America to make your choice, as I have. Just remember, there is plenty of shame to go around.

This closing passage was written in a letter by my grgrgrandfather, Col. James Madison Bell, of the Cherokee Mounted Rifles to his wife during the Civil War in Indian Territory. My appreciation goes to the University of Oklahoma for the preservation of these letters.
Hd Qters 2nd Cher Regt
Camp Watie May 8th, 1864

" They broke in on our people while fasting and praying this year and they seem to have had no success. I have always told you that we must be independent - I have as much faith in our ability to withstand the Federl troops now even more than at the commencement of the war. Why should we not, our cause must be a just one and we are only tryng to defend our rights - our homes, our wives & our children.

Will you love us the better for doing so or not? I sometimes think you will not. "

PS. If anyone wants to start with the slurs by calling me "old", just remember, I'm younger than your open border loving president.


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