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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Smart Businesses That Use Verification Program

This website is a must see!

Below are links to the thousands of businesses across the country that already are participating in the federal Basic Pilot program, the easy-to-use electronic employment eligibility verification system.

Use of the
Basic Pilot program makes smart business sense because it ensures that all new hires have a legal right to work in the United States. And it protects employers from fines and penalties for knowingly or unknowingly hiring illegal foreign workers.

It also makes customers happy. Most Americans want to frequent businesses that hire legal workers.

Simply click on any state abbreviation in the grid below to see a list of that state’s businesses that currently use the Basic Pilot program.

Many local businesses are in national chains which make a decision at their corporate headquarters for all parts of their operation. You can find these chain headquarters and any other business nationally and locally by clicking on the alphabetical or city grids below:

Our lists of businesses were updated as of April 15, 2006. If you know of a business that has since signed up for the verification program, please click here to let us know.

If your company is not listed here, you will want to take steps to get on the list as soon as possible to avoid the public’s disapproval.

CONSUMERS: Supporting businesses that hire legal workers is one of the most effective things one can do to encourage these businesses to continue to be leaders in their communities and to persuade other businesses to begin using the Basic Pilot program.

When you patronize any business, make a point of telling the clerks, managers, waiters, hosts and other personnel that you either approve of their being part of the verification program or that you are disappointed that they aren’t – and perhaps that you are considering discontinuing your relationship with them if you don’t see their name show up on this list.

The more businesses that join this program, the more illegal aliens who will voluntarily go back to their home countries. More than 200,000 long-time settled illegal aliens in this country already leave the U.S. each year because the tiny bit of enforcement now in place makes their lives too uncomfortable. Imagine how many more will leave as fewer and fewer businesses are available to hire them.


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