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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Against the Will of the American People - Important!

During a round table discussion aired June 12 on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Robert Rector and other experts explained some facts about the Senate Bill pretending to be immigration reform and the hidden increased immigration and costs that will break the budget of the USA. Every American needs to understand their words. Rector, with the Heritage Foundation, along with the office of Budget and Management, recently disclosed huge increased numbers of immigration and expenses.

Rector emphatically expressed, " I think that every time we do immigration, what we do is we do it completely against the will of the American people. The American people by a ratio of about 4-1 want less immigration, not more. But here we have a bill that grants amnesty and citizenship to every illegal, just about and then on top of that, it's going to double legal immigration.

And mainly the people coming in are going to be people -- high school dropouts, who tend to have children without being married. We are vastly expanding the welfare state.

We already have a vast welfare system. We spend close to $600 billion a year. What we're doing now is importing a vast new welfare clientele from Central America. And we simply can't afford to do that. That's what this bill does.

We can't really also discuss the fact that, my goodness, if you're bringing in high school dropouts who aren't married and have children out of wedlock, what are they going to do? They're going to be on welfare. It's why this is the largest expansion of welfare in at least 35 years. It is going to cost at least $70 billion a year. Those costs are going to smash into the government, exactly at the time Social Security starts to go into crisis."

George Grayson, professor at William and Mary College added, "I think one of the ironies is, Lou, that it will make some Americans second- class citizens. And excuse my referring to notes here, but I want to be concise.

For example, if a guest worker alleges that he has been terminated without just cause, then he can have an arbitration hearing, which is paid for by U.S. taxpayers and possibly get his job back. If an American worker, who happens to lose his job, wants to contest the firing, he has little grounds to stand on because he's hired at will.

My view is that if the guest worker program were for college professors, editorial writers and immigration lawyers, there would be a lot more opposition to it."

Barry Chiswick, economics professor at the University of Chicago states, "And probably the most significant impact on the labor market is that it reduces the employment opportunities and earnings of low-skilled workers who are citizens of the United States. And this is something that I think is unfortunate that there's too little public attention focused on this."

All nations have myths. And one of our myths is that any and all immigrants are equally desirable and equally beneficial for the national economy. And we know from substantial research that that simply is not the case. That high-skilled immigrants have very different impacts than low-skilled immigrants. We also know that there's a limited absorptive capacity in terms of immigration, and that slower paces of immigration are easier to absorb than large, sudden influxes of immigrants. But these issues seem to not be on the table. --------------

Full transcript here:


DOBBS: This broadcast commissioned a national, comprehensive poll on illegal immigration, border security and the legislation now being debated in Washington.

Asked who they believe would do a better job of securing this nation's borders, an interesting split. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said congressional Democrats, 31 percent said Republicans. Unsure doing just a little better.

But nearly two-thirds are not confident that Congress and the pass will, this term, pass comprehensive immigration reform. Only one in 10 expressed their feelings as very confident. And we should point out, this poll had over 1,000 respondents.

Concerning enforcement measures, more than three-quarters of Americans surveyed in this poll say there should be more border patrol and more federal law enforcement agents on the border with Mexico to stem the tide of illegal immigration. And six in 10 Americans want stiff fines imposed on employers who hire illegal aliens.

More than half want to send national guard troops to the border with Mexico. And 45 percent agree with building a fence along the border with Mexico, that's within -- it's about an even split within just about the margin of error.

Forty percent want employers who hire illegal aliens to go to jail. And fully two-thirds of Americans surveyed agree with deportation of illegal aliens -- again, two-thirds. A quarter disagree. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed would like to see the number of illegal aliens in this country decline. And fully 26 percent say the numbers should remain the same while two percent want to increase the number of illegals.


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