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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Homeland Insecurity - Outsourced and Corrupt - Feeling reassured now?

Some still refuse to watch the Lou Dobbs show on CNN. I know, for years we've had it pounded in our heads about CNN, the Clinton News Network. The exception to that rule is Lou Dobbs and you're missing some vital truths from a broadcaster who dares take on the status quo!

The following portion of transcript describes what is really going on at DHS, and it isn't security!
Aired 3/6/06
CNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight

The Department of Homeland Security frequently proclaims it's doing everything possible to protect us and this country from a terrorist attack. It turns out, however, the truth is somewhat different.

The Department of Homeland Security itself is anything but secure. It turns out private guards at the department's headquarters in Washington now say they don't have enough training, nor equipment to provide security to headquarters.

At one point, guards emptied an envelope containing suspicious white powder into the air outside the building. The company that provides those guards, Wackenhut Services, is, by the way, owned by a firm based in Great Britain.

Feeling reassured now?

Still ahead here, charges of bribes, green card giveaways and fraud inside the U.S. immigration bureaucracy. Ready for a guest worker program? We'll have a preview of an explosive new report here next. And how the agency responsible for investigating foreign transactions has consistently violated U.S. law.

DOBBS: A shocking new government report is expected to charge the Bush administration with gross mismanagement of this country's immigration system. The report says the Bush administration's so- called temporary guest worker program has no chance of succeeding because of widespread fraud within our nation's immigration bureaucracy.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT : The Bush administration's top homeland security official is again promoting the temporary worker program opponents say is a thinly-disguised illegal alien amnesty.

MICHAEL CHERTOFF, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: If we don't do some kind of a temporary worker program, I think it's going to be impossible to address the challenge of what could be eight to 11 million illegal migrants who are currently in this country.

WIAN: That estimate is probably low, and even so, the agency that would be in charge of a guest worker program is already overwhelmed and plagued by fraud. What's more, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is not expected to be up to the task for at least five years. Those are just some the findings of a Government Accountability Office draft report now in the hands of two congressional committees and the Department of Homeland Security.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley recently gave colleagues a preview, saying, "You'd all be shocked if you learned about the internal fraud and abuse at CIS. Officials are being bribed. Visas are being given away. Green cards are being sold."

The year-long study found CIS denied 19,000 applications for citizenship or immigration benefits due to fraud last year. Many of the other 800,000 rejected applications were also likely frauds but denied for other easier to prove reasons. Fraudulent applications are rarely prosecuted.

ROSEMARY JENKS, NUMBERSUSA: If your application is denied based on fraud and you're not prosecuted, then there is nothing that bars you from continuing to apply again and again and again until you get what you're looking for. In the 1986 amnesty, we gave a green card to at least one of the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center in 1993. And here we are, we're set to do it again.

WIAN: More than 5,000 applicants for immigration benefits are identified as potential national security threats each year. The Bush administration last month asked Congress for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for the citizenship and immigration service this year to begin implementing its temporary worker program.

DOBBS: The anti-fraud effort, of course, the fraud on the part of those applying for visas and even citizenship in this country. But at the same time, Casey, you're reporting that the institution, the bureaucracy itself, has corruption within it, at least according to Senator Grassley.

WIAN: And Senator Grassley was very clear about that in a hearing on Thursday that received very little attention. The overwhelming fact from this report is that the Citizenship and Immigration Service has absolutely no idea how widespread the fraud is because so many of these applications are denied for other reasons.

DOBBS: None of this even goes to the issue of compatibility of computer systems and databases that are absolutely critical to following the flow of those entering this country.

WIAN: Actually, there is a mention of the computer systems, and that's -- they're five years away of getting computer systems up and running that would detect fraud across the different homeland security agencies.

Senator Chuck Grassley will be talking about his efforts to uncover fraud inside our immigration bureaucracy on Wednesday.

TUCKER: The latest poll by Quinnipiac University found that 88 percent of those asked think illegal immigration is a serious problem. Put another way, 94 percent of Republicans and 86 percent of Democrats see illegal immigration as a serious issue .


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